After Obama, Israel Should Move Closer to Moscow

January 5, 2017, Written by

After eight years of President Barack Hussein Obama, and the recent shenanigans at the United Nations by America’s first Dear Leader, Israel should be thinking, with friends like this, who needs enemies. In addition, Europe seems to no longer be Israel’s ally. The one lesson that should be learned by the Jewish State from this presidency is that America cannot be trusted, that is when a Leftist Democrat is in office. The Jewish, American Left cannot be trusted. If America elects another globalist, who puts the interests of the elite in front of the American people’s, America will not stand by its friends, in other words, those who value freedom and democracy. The one thing that Israel should learn from the Syrian Civil War is that Russia does take care of its allies, no matter the cost in public opinion or civilian lives.

Israel is unlike any other nation state on the planet, except for maybe Taiwan. Israel cannot defend itself forever, in the face of an overwhelming, determined force. It has to depend on its allies for support and protection if ganged up on by the Arab world. It is a tiny country, with not many natural resources or geographic barriers to entry. Yes, she has nuclear weapons, but soon so shall Iran and possibly Saudi Arabia, thanks to Hussein and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Iran is rapidly developing its ballistic missile capability, again thanks to Hussein. At some point, the real Islamic state, the Islamic Republic of Iran, may feel bold enough to launch a first strike in its often stated goal of destroying the Jewish State. Iran possibly may feel confident enough that it could destroy enough Israeli warheads to ride out any retaliatory strike.

Yes, Israel needs friends, friends it can count on. With a Marxist, Jihadi-sympathizing president in the White House, she doesn’t have a friend in America. I’ve often said you cannot listen to what Barack Hussein Obama says, you have to look at the results of his actions. These results include the removal of American forces from the Middle East, an Islamic caliphate being stood up in the Middle East, a Russian/Shia axis of power in control of the Middle East, Israel’s arch enemy, Iran, acquiring nuclear weapons and retooling its conventional forces with arms purchases from Moscow with the cash released under the Iran appeasement ‘deal’, and the United Nations passing a devastating resolution against Israel, which declares the Temple Mount a foreign, Islamic state.

So where does Israel find someone that can help guarantee its security if America one day again follows the agenda of the Left? No matter how devastated American, Marxist, globalists are after the 2016 election cycle, the pendulum eventually swings back the other way. Elections have consequences. It may take a couple decades, but it is possible that America may return its America-hating, freedom-hating, duplicitous, organized crime, pay-for-play, parasitic party to power. To further her security in the future, Israel should develop a stronger relationship with the new sheriff in the Levant and the Fertile Crescent, the Russian Federation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu obviously recognized this necessity somewhat once the Russian expeditionary force landed at Latakia. He promptly flew to Moscow to confer with Putin and deconflict Israeli and Russian air operations in Syria. Israeli seems to have secured from Putin permission to continue to destroy Syrian air defense systems that threatened the Golan or the entire Jewish territory. Israel has struck several Hezbollah and Syria positions sinceIsrael and Russia manage relations over Syria Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow. Russian and Israeli air forces seem to be operating successfully in close proximity. Of course Russia did bomb targets near American special forces positions in Syria, on purpose I believe, to show Obama who was boss. And Hussein did nothing.

But eventually Israel may need more than the freedom to execute pinprick operations in Syria. She may need protection from a powerful entity if seriously threatened by Iran, or its proxy armies in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. Israel may someday be overwhelmed is Saudi Arabia goes nuclear as well as Tehran. If there is a Alinskyite again in the White House, Israel will need another friend, even if it is one that does not share its democratic ideals or view of the world. At that point, Israel will have to settle for pragmatism and that means finding a way to deal with Russia.

Israel does not have the luxury to see the world as it wants to see it like the Obama administration of the elites in Europe, as their women are raped and their culture destroyed. Israel cannot call Islamist violence, ‘workplace violence’ and be done with it. It cannot call terrorist attacks ‘man-made disasters and ignore them. Israel, more than anyone, has to deal in reality, in what will strengthen its security as the alternative is death and destruction.

After the U.N. resolution against Israel, that John Kerry and Hussein orchestrated, Israel can no longer trust slightly less than half of America. It has gotten that bad. Far too many American Jews would have no problem with Israel being destroyed, just as they would have no problem with America being destroyed.

Many say that the world is no longer a struggle between communism and capitalism. Many believe we have drifted into a fight to the death between globalism, that feeds the elites, and nationalism, which protects the people. Israel may need to start seeing the world more in this light and move closer to Moscow, after all, there are a lot of Jews in Russia.

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