The Trump Ban

February 1, 2017, Written by

The Trump travel and immigration ban demonstrates the dangers of having political amateurs and conspiracy theorists running the White House. Whether intentional or not, this ill-conceived, improperly and insufficiently staffed, under vetted policy has alienated people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, both at home and abroad. It is very possibly unconstitutional on several different levels. Disturbing is the lack of competence it has manifested, raising doubts about the reliability of this country’s leadership and how it will respond to other alliances and crises. One need only think of North Korea and Iran to conjure up possible future scenarios which will require deeper than just impulsive decision making and insufficient agency coordination.

One wonders at the insensitivity and knee jerk issuance of this ban. So blatantly damaging, several components of this EO (Executive Order) already have had to be modified or altogether withdrawn. For example, the restricting of Iraqi translators who risked life and limb to aid our troops now has been lifted. That their dedication and personal plights weren’t taken into account to begin with shows how little forethought and agency advice went into this presidential decree.

That this EO very possibly violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, the Free Exercise Clause as well as RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) will assure that its future adjudication in the Federal Court system, ultimately arriving at the Supreme Court. Some Circuit Court judges have already weighed in by ruling that in transit travelers with green cards not to be turned away from the shores of the United States. In other cases, writs of habeas corpus have been filed. Regardless of whether or not this EO has caused alleged, wide spread judicial and departmental chaos, that the Trump corps of advisers released this ban, indeed, has compromised and angered U. S. allies. It has given much vaunted propaganda ammunition to our ISIS enemies. That the seven countries so listed, in fact, do not include the very states whose radical Islamists attacked on American soil begs the question, if the goal was the protection of the homeland, of why just these seven were the only countries listed.

There isn’t a lot about this ban that makes sense. It involves serious constitutional challenges which could well could have been avoided were it to have been properly staffed. It is morally repugnant for singling out only one religious group, inferring that any and all Muslim immigrants are threats to the United States. In its sweeping reach, it has managed to alienate those who have been our surrogates in the war against ISIS, and it has complicated the lives of innocents who have been caught up in its web.

If this travel and immigration ban is any indication of the lack of experience and professionalism that is advancing the policies and direction of this White House, the American people and, indeed, global citizenry may well be in for a rough ride in the months and years ahead. There are good reasons why the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Intelligence community, which include the CIA, the DIA and the NSA, traditionally have been included as essential agencies necessary to the composing of U. S. policy decisions. To ignore that experience and expertise is to fly by the seat of one’s pants. Doing so is neither wise nor prudent, but that seems to have become the modus operandi for the Trump White House. One cringes to think what other half-baked scenarios are now in the works and what their impacts will be for the future of these United States.

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