Huzzah For Hussar-Style Beef!

Huzzah For Hussar-Style Beef!
Image Moscow Times

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This is for all those Russian Israelis…

Defenders of the Fatherland Day is upon us, that most masculine of all holidays. Feb. 23 nominally celebrates the foundation of the Red Army in 1918, during a hastily organized rout of Kaiser Wilhelm’s forces in the waning months of World War I. No sooner was the Red Army founded than it locked horns with the White Army in the bloody Civil War that raged through Russia until 1922. The victorious Red Army then moved through the 20th century, enjoying several notable achievements including the victory over Nazi Germany. Today, the Red Army is no more, but Feb. 23 is still celebrated with great fanfare and panache as a kind of one-way Valentine’s Day devoted to men, each of them a potential Defender if he cannot come up with a good excuse to opt out.

My own personal Defender spent seven years as an officer in the military and therefore feels entirely entitled to spend the day on furlough from all domestic responsibilities. He screens the epic Soviet classic film, “Officers,” and then a few of his favorite scenes from “17 Moments of Spring,” while enjoying a range of beverages. This takes up much of the day, so all that I need to do is produce a showstopper dinner to round things out…

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