From Yasser Arafat To Abu Mazen To Rashida Tlaib Palestinians Are Palestinians

The Honorable Rashida Tlaib

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Some folks are outraged that the newly elected Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian Arab, changed the name of the State of Israel on the map in her new office to “Palestine”. I do not share in this outrage. Among Palestinian Arabs, i.e. Arabs who immigrated to the Land of Israel in the last century or so seeking financial opportunities created in that formerly barren land by Jewish settlers returning to their historical homeland, the annihilation of Israel and the establishment in its entire territory of a new state they call Palestine, a state from which all non-Arabs will be expelled and in which all non-Muslims, including Palestinian Arab Christians will be harassed and humiliated, is the mainstream position enjoying large majority support. This is not a guess or a conjecture. This has been polled multiple times both in the “Palestinian” territories and among the “Palestinian” diaspora of which Ms. Tlaib is a prominent member. As to the treatment of non-Arabs and non-Muslims in any future “Palestinian” state, it is sufficient to review the death penalties meted out by the “moderate” Fatah regime in the “Palestinian” autonomous territories in Judea and Samaria to those among them who dare sell land to Jews and their nearly complete project of religious cleansing of their territories from their Christian Arab neighbors.

If there is a source of outrage, it is not in Ms. Tlaib’s words or actions. She is simply being true to her nature and a faithful representative of the Palestinian diaspora that put her in office. No, the outrage should be directed at those Americans, both Christians and Jews, that by their action or inaction alike allowed certain parts of Michigan and Minnesota and other states to become the hosts of anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Semitic, and anti-Christian communities from the ranks of which congresspeople like Ms. Tlaib have now emerged, desecrating as they are the sacred halls of the American Republic. To use a metaphor from the famous Alien movie trilogy, it is somewhat late to be outraged when the alien is splitting apart your rib cage. The time for outrage is past, the time for action is upon us.

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