ANTI-SEMITISM: The Unbridled Growth Of Bigotry

ANTI-SEMITISM: The Unbridled Growth Of Bigotry

We already know that over half the acts of hate in America are directed toward the Jewish Community.

Now a study confirms that anti-Semitism is not recognized by Americans in the same way that racism is recognized for what it is.

The American Jewish Committee has released its first ever “State of Anti-Semitism in America” Report.

This study is illuminating in its findings.

First, the Jewish community has deep anxiety about facing anti-Semitism in America since the murder of 11 Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Second, and perhaps of greater concern, is the lack of understanding of anti-Semitism by the American community-at-large.

It is stunning to learn that nearly half of all Americans do not even know what anti-Semitism is. 

That fact suggests the incompetence of the media to show proper concern for this virulent and dangerous bigotry from both the far Left and the far Right. Both Marxist and neo-Nazi groups seem to have a penchant for hatred of Jews and, as a by-product of that hate, Israel.

Specifically, the study found that 25% of those surveyed have heard of anti-Semitism but do not know what it means, while 21% have never even heard of anti-Semitism. The simple reality is that ignorance of a problem results in the inability to confront or solve that problem.

This research leads to an expected result when we have 82% of Jews believing that anti-Semitism has risen in this country in the last 5 years, while only 43% of all adults express that view. 

The Jewish community has nearly double the number of people who believe anti-Semitism is on the rise as compared with the general population.

The study also reports that 37% of Jews have stated they have been victims of anti-Semitism over the past 5 years, and equally troubling is that 31% say they have stayed away from events or places due to concern for their safety.

This concern is reflected in the anti-Semitic organizations which have intimidated Jews on college and university campuses who have attempted to attend a pro-Israel event or speaker. There are numerous reports of threats, intimidation and harassment by bullies who apparently do not believe in free speech for Jews.

Here are some other findings for your consideration:

24% of Jews stated they do not wear or display any items that would identify them as Jews, since the shooting in Pittsburgh.

65% stated it would make no difference to them if a Jewish organization thought an opinion was anti-Semitic. They would still accept the opinion notwithstanding its anti-Semitic label by a Jewish organization. Perhaps that is why Louis Farrakhan is even tolerated in spite of his hateful and toxic anti-Semitism.

However, the most astonishing perception of anti-Semitism relates to the views of political parties. 

69% of American Jews and 52% of the general population believe the republican Party holds some anti-Semitic views, while 37% of the Jewish [population and 42% of the general population believe that the Democrat Party holds some anti-Semitic views.

This is contradictory to the facts we know:

Black Lives Matter a Left-Wing group is anti-Semitic.

Barack Obama expressed his preference for the Palestinians over Israel and insulted the Prime Minister of Israel.

Bernie Sanders despises Israel based on his own comments, while George Soros a major benefactor of left-wing politicians and issues, has worked tirelessly against Israel.

The Democrat Party has consistently been more inclined to protect the Palestinians and places excessive burdens on Israel, including the elimination of building communities on the West Bank in areas controlled by Israel.

It has been this Republican President who has protected Israel:

  • Recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which prior presidents gave lip service to, but refused to make this decision.
  • Terminated payments the Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority since he was paying murderous terrorists who dies killing Israelis, by giving their families $25000 as Saddam had done as well. We were paying for the murder of Jews while Barack Obama stood by. Donald Trump stopped this despicable policy.
  • Trump ended payments to UNWRA which was paying the Palestinians with blood money while they killed Jews.
  • Trump recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel, which that country has built into a magnificent community with residents enjoying freedom, wineries having been built there, and life has been enhanced by these policies of Israel. They should never have been forced to return the Golan Heights to Syria and now will not have to do so.

There is a sickness about how we respond to anti-Semitism in both the general and Jewish communities in America.

Education of the horrors and fears faced by Jews must be more effective so that everyone can understand and define the sources of this hatred so we can find a means of ending or minimizing its effect.

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Frederick October 27, 2020 at 10:30 am

You cannot rational and intelligent and not hold some opinions that some will find antisemitic.

pc_PHAGE November 10, 2020 at 6:59 am

Jewish Americans seem to be my political enemies.
Sometimes I am outraged by their actions.
I admire Jewish intellectualism, the Old Testament , and Israel.
I try not to think bad thoughts because I get very conflicted.

Larry November 15, 2020 at 10:35 am

The numbers above are not all that surprising given that 25% of the country is foreign born and another 25% have a port education delivered by the Leftist teachers unions who hate America, Israel, and religion unless it’s Islam
I’m not sure what sort of point Fredrick above is trying to make, as if one is rational then they hate Jews?
Sounds a little off to say the least.
That said, responding to PC above…most American Jews are barely Jewish and have converted to Secular Leftism. This would explain your frustration. They are marrying out of the faith, they don’t really practice the faith, and they love Leftist policies which are for the most part against the Torah.

In short American Jewry is on a trajectory of rapid decline and at its lowest point in the last 350 or so years of Jewish life in the US. Those of us that care have become more religious and have a very strong connection to Israel.

Nabi Rasch December 12, 2020 at 5:14 pm

If Jews are traditional they live in a paradox. Perenially subject to racists attacks, part of the puzzle is that their dogma requires them to be fundamentally–‘unavoidably’ is not too strong a word– racist themselves. Intellectually not inclined to be racist, they nonetheless comprehend they would disappear without enforcing the racism. Call it an unenviable double paradox.


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