Evidence Points To Netanyahu Being Compromised By The Globalist Agenda

Credible sources reveal Netanyahu was not honest in his dealings with Pfizer…and actions with Trump, Gaza don’t make sense

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Credible sources have revealed to Tsionizm that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not honest with the Israeli people in his dealings with Pfizer and the Covid vaccine program. We cannot go into more detail but suffice to say Netanyahu hid the true consequences of the vaccine from the Israeli people. He also hid the true nature of the vaccine program.

Israelis were not given informed consent.

Then, factual information about the health effects of the jabs were withheld from the Israeli people, and still are today.

A variety of national security measures were used to prevent Israelis from being informed about what actually was happening, and the harms that were being caused.

Israelis still for the most part do not understand what was done to them, not do they understand the increased risk of disease from the jabs. Israelis were given multiple booster shots.

In addition, President Trump has revealed just last night in a speech before Club 47 in Palm Beach, that PM Netanyahu let him down the night before the strike on Iranian Quds Force Commander Soleimani, by withdrawing from the strike.

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Netanyahu also famously acquiesced to the globalist election theft in the US in 2020. Netanyahu congratulated *President Biden before results were finalized.

Now we have the Hamas assualt on southern Israel that defies logic. It is highly unlikely that Israeli, and US intelligence for that matter, were unaware of this large attack being planned for months or even years.

The Egyptian government has declared it warned Israel about the coming terror wave, and nothing was done.

We have said at CDM that freedom-loving people must look at the consequences of their leader’s actions, not listen to their words.

Just like Obama, Netanyahu’s actions over the last several years have lead to horrific pain and suffering, and loss of freedom.

Therefore, we conclude the Israeli leader has been compromised in some way by the globalist agenda that has harmed to many nations in the last decade.

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