“The Doll – The World Within,” A Global Exhibition Centered In Tel Aviv

“Doll art is a rare form of contemporary art, retaining genuine skill, real beauty, stylistic diversity and, at the same time, emotional depth and sincere feelings.”

Set to open its doors on Nov 27, “The Doll – the World Within,” will feature works by leadings artists from Israel, Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Austria, Italy, Latvia.

Worldwide, dolls have long been recognized as a promising form of art. Being less prominent in Israel, “The Doll – the World Within” is intended to fill the knowledge gap of doll art among Israelis.

Through the new exhibition, the Israeli public will be able to witness a variety of art dolls. The exhibition will carry toys to art pieces, including ball-jointed dolls and marionettes to complex sculptures showcasing classical beauties to fantastic characters. From works of Charlie Chaplin and Frida Kahlo to Japanese spirits and Karlsson’s grandmother; the exhibit will feature dolls made of porcelain, polymer clay, fabric and wood.

The exhibition features art dolls in the context of contemporary art – painting, photography, graphic and applied arts to create an unusual, polyphonic art space filled with unexpected parallels, subtle allusions, deep meanings, and curious dialogues.

Such an exhibition display will be very interesting experiment both for the audience and for the artists who work with different art forms. Not only will one will be able to witness various interpretations of the theme of dolls; from fairytales to deeply philosophical ones, but will also find unexpected parallels in the subjects and artistic solutions.

Doll art is a rare form of contemporary art, maintaining genuine skill, real beauty, stylistic diversity and, at the same time, emotional depth and sincere feelings.

“The Doll – the World Within” is an isle of joy, where everyone from a child, attending to an exhibition for the first time to a sophisticated art connoisseur, will get find real pleasure.

The creation of an art doll is a very complex process that requires from an artist not only the ability to come up with and implement an artistic image, but also experience in various fields: sculpture, painting, costume design, jewelry, wig construction, etc.

Contemporary doll makers not only skillfully transform traditional painting and sculptural techniques and mediums, but also vividly reveal various, sometimes rather complex themes.

At the exhibition “The Doll – the World Within,” the Israeli public will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the works by famous artists; the most prestigious exhibition participants, members of the Union of Artists of Russia, the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the National Institute of American Doll Artists, the Israeli Association of Illustrators and professional award winners.

The chief curator of the exhibition is Elena Kunin, art critic, M.A., member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the curator of the exhibition is Ira Krokhmal.

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