“Empathy and Freedom,” Rising Spirits In Post-Lockdown Tel Aviv

The role of artists above all is to show that spirit through material means and to reveal the core of matter, which was and always will be spiritual.

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A description of the “Empathy and Freedom” exhibition written by artist and curator Ella Rosenberg…

Almost six weeks ago I had the great honor to open our first exhibition to the public following Coronavirus lockdown at the Bauhaus Center gallery in Tel Aviv which lasted from March 25 through April 24.

Now, looking back at the whole design process and concept, I admit that I sensed some cheerful spirits in the air. The name of our exhibition was “Empathy” -empathy that the people of Israel are now in such need of.

It seems that we live in a time of transition: against the background of the upcoming elections, on the eve of the significant Israeli “Passover” holiday and the ongoing plague of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, we continue to live and work, get up, create, dream and strive in goodness. Oddly enough, it was in hard times that masterpieces were born.

During this year, artists have created many wonderful works and the task of us curators was to show them to the world.

By the opening of the exhibition, the name of the politician who won the elections was already  known. And it was a good fate that Benjamin Netanyahu was still in charge of security for our small and brave country. When the escalation of the conflict on Palestinian border subsides we hope that he will not limit our centuries-old desire for freedom. We hope he will also try to fulfill three basic wishes such as: making life easier for ordinary Israelis, investment into the development of culture and art and to pursue the purification of the environment.

Much has been written and said about the probable causes of the Covid pandemic. As far the pandemic has affected the world already (the virus won’t go away), it now actually doesn’t matter whether it developed naturally or artificially, but what is important is that this virus has opened the eyes of mankind on several large issues…

Modern society is a consumer society, the main purpose of which is the pursuit of trade, wealth, achievement, ambitions and success. But material is driven by spirit and without spirit matter has no value.

The role of artists above all is to show that spirit through material means and to reveal the core of matter, which was and always will be spiritual.

The striking works featured in our exhibition will tell you what is happening today and now. They convey all of our dreams, fears and feelings and make us think.

They make one think about the fact that you cannot live like before: through polluting nature, pushing others around with your elbows and striving only for enrichment.

We will be glad to welcome you at the Bauhaus Gallery. Be sure to come wearing masks with the feeling that every day is “purim.”

Bauhaus Gallery Address: 77 Meir Dizengoff, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Artist and curator, Ella Rosenberg

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