Under The Mask Of Fame – A Tel Aviv Exhibition At The Jaffa Theater Gallery

Presented by Art Unlimited and ArtLand, the celebrity portrait exhibition will open on Tuesday July 5th at 6:30PM

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As part of a project to promote Jewish and Arab artists, an international exhibition will be held in the old theater of Yaffa in Tel Aviv.

Portrait by Israeli artist Dima Mogilevsky

Presented by Art Unlimited and ArtLand, the celebrity portrait exhibition will open on Tuesday July 5th at 6:30PM.

A portrait of famous artist Baris Manco by Sevgi S. Sane. Uzun from Instanbul, Turkey

With a provocative title, “Under the guise of fame,” it definitely makes you wonder: Who really were these famous people?

A portrait by Israeli artist Jane Lantsnan

What do they hide under the mask of familiarity?

A portrait of Rashid Behbudov by artist Entiram Memmedov from Azerbaijan

The exhibition will open with the artists personally telling us how these portraits were created.

A portrait by Israeli artist Alina Greydi Tenenbaum

Additionally, as at all of our events, you will find a festive atmosphere, a sea of wine, goodies, pleasant background music and fascinating stories from the authors themselves about how the works were born.

A portrait of Saeed Zaghloul by artist Dr. Brahim Mohamed Chakir from Morocco

Jaffa Theater Gallery is utilizing a new format exhibition whereby attendees will have the opportunity to buy an original (on canvas) or digital painting in NFT format.

A portrait by Israeli artist Ella Rozenberg

This exhibition is international, in which, along with Israeli artists, artists from Morocco, India, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries will also participate.

A portrait of Mohamed Gandhi by Nikhil Vyawahare from India

The cooperation of the exhibition’s artists was made possible thanks to the efforts of the coordinator Mohamed Lamritni from Morocco.

A portrait by Israeli artist Dizlarka

Some words from Mohamed Lamritni about the exhibition: “I do not belong to any association because, here in Morocco, some associations maintain poor reputations. It is for this reason I did not establish any association. However, I have two art groups. One is named The Seven Arts Group which aims at unifying world art. Whereas the other one aims at unifying world peace. To tell the truth, I organize a lot of activities to encourage a lot of artists. All the activities I organize are at my own charge even if my job is very modest. This is so because of my mission towards unifying art and world peace. I willingly hope to take part in your future activities and to be helpful towards your organization.”

A portrait of Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria by artist Rita Kevorkian from Egypt

Guest Painters

  • Katherine Chai – Malaysia
  • Kimeta Cnicken – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kamal Kishore – India
  • Petra Wideboer Schut – Netherlands
  • Rita Gevorkian – Egypt
  • Sevgi S. Sane Vzun – Turkey
  • Gamal Abdel Nosser – Venezuela
  • Zada Pazalja – Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Shaima Jamal Al. Sharif – Egypt
  • Tapan Mahatta – India
  • Dr. Brahim Mohamed – Morocco
  • Entiram Memmedov – Azerbaijan
  • Raj Chauhan – India
  • Nikhil Vyawahare – India
  • Vusala Yunusava – Azerbaijan
  • Nihad Aliyev – Azerbaijan
  • Liesel Chema – Peru/Brazil
A portrait by Israeli artist and exhibition curator Ella Rozenberg

Artists From Israel

  • Avinoam Shalom Damti
  • Alona Shpendik
  • Alina Graydi Tenenbaum
  • Anastasia Tamiry
  • Dima Mogilevsky
  • Dizlarka
  • Ella Rozenberg
  • Israel Ariely
  • Jane Lantsnan
  • Julia Devagny
  • Lia Tolchinsky
  • Lika Ramati
  • Mohammed Waled
  • Natalie Rublevskaya
  • Tania Tkachuk
  • Tatiana Atara Belkina
  • Yasia Kagan
A portrait of Mona Wasif by Zada Pazalja Sahdanovic from Bosnia Herzegovina

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Event plan
18:30-19:15 – Meeting guests, raising glasses, getting to know the authors, hanging out.
19:15 -20:30 – Short welcome speech and fascinating stories of authors about their work, and following 20:30 there is a theatrical performance in Arabic “Halimiat.”

A portrait by Israeli artist Tania Tkachuk

Entrance to the opening of the exhibition is free.

A portrait of Gamal Abdel Nasser by artist Hilda de El Bahri
A portrait by Israeli artist Lia Tolchinksy

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