This Day In History: Horrors Of Auschwitz: The Numbers Behind WWII’s Deadliest Concentration Camp

Image by Jason M Ramos

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Auschwitz was the largest and deadliest of six dedicated extermination camps where hundreds of thousands of people were tortured and murdered during World War II and the Holocaust under the orders of Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler.

As one of the greatest tragedies of the modern age, the Holocaust has inspired countless films and books. These works have helped audience members and readers grapple with what happened to individuals during this period. The scale of the these horrors, however, can be difficult to grasp. Below are some of the devastating facts and figures associated with the Auschwitz camp complex, which operated in German-occupied Poland from 1940 until its liberation on January 27, 1945.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that 1.3 million people were sent to the camp complex in occupied Poland. Of this total, nearly 1.1 million were Jews, 960,000 of which died in the camp. The other approximately 200,000 people were predominantly made up of non-Jewish Poles, the mentally challenged, Roma people, homosexuals and Soviet prisoners of war…

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