Israel Shows The World That Modernity And Innovation Go Hand In Hand With Traditional Values

The Jewish State is an ultra-modern country with a traditional way of life

A sign warning drivers to pay attention to children playing on the streets of Giv’ataim, Israel
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Israeli statistic office released yesterday its annual report as to family life in Israel. According to the report, Israel is home to 2.06 million families, up from 1.73 million a decade ago, a 16% increase. The average Israeli family consists of 3.73 persons, a number that has not changed in the last decade. In comparison, the average American family consists of 2.6 persons (2017 data). About half of Israeli families have one or more child to the age of 17 living at home with both parents.

Percentage of childless families in the Jewish sector (28%) is higher than that in the Arab sector (11%). The percentage of families in which children live with both parents is among the highest in the OECD index of developed nations at 92%. In America, that number is 69%.

95% of men and women residing together in Israel are married, while the remaining 5% are cohabiting without marriage. The most common family name in Israel (both the Jewish and non-Jewish sectors) is Cohen, with 1 in 50 families (2%) of all families, followed by Levi with 1 in 85 families. The average household in Israel spent NIS 16,267 (roughly US$4,500) per month on goods and services. In annual terms, Israeli families spend about $55,000 per annum on household expenses, while their American counterparts spend about 8% more at $60,000.

Israel per capita GDP expressed in purchasing power (PPP) is at $39,000, while US is at $55,000, roughly 30% higher. In the recently published Bloomberg Innovation Index, Israel was at the Number 5 spot, while the US landed at Number 8.

In summary, it can be said that Israel achieves economic results that compare favorably to the American ones, while at the same time supporting more stable families.

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