Palestinians Escalate Attacks During Passover Holiday

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In the days leading up to the Jewish holiday of Passover, Palestinian terrorists ratcheted up attacks on Israel. First Hamas fired rockets from Gaza, then followed up the next day with rockets from Lebanon. In both cases, Israel Defense Forces responded with attacks on terrorist targets.

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On Friday, terrorists attacked a car in the Jordan Valley killing two British-Israeli dual citizens. Two sisters, 15 yeor old Rina Dee and 20 year old Maya Dee, were killed and their 48 year old mother was seriously wounded. The attack was particularly brutal, as the car crashed after being shot at, but the terrorists ran to the car and fired shots at point blank. IDF forces are searching the area for the terrorists.

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Later that evening, an Israeli-Arab terrorist struck , this time using a car to ram pedestrians walking along the Tel Aviv promenade on the seashore. Six civilians were wounded and an Italian tourist was killed. Alessandro Parini, a 35 year old lawyer from Rome, was pronounced dead. The other six injured were tourists from Italy and the United Kingdom.

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Police killed Yousef Abu Jaber, 45, an Israeli citizen of Kafr Qassem. Jaber worked as a janitor in a nearby Israeli middle school.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has mobilized reserve Border Patrol to supplement additional police units that were deployed in Jerusalem. The IDF has called up reserve forces, including air defense and fighter jet units. Israelis with permits to carry weapons have been told to carry their guns.

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