Hezbollah Senior Commander Killed In Israeli Strike On South Lebanon

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Hezbollah in a statement says Taleb Abdullah, from the south Lebanon town of Aadachit, was killed “on the road to Jerusalem,” the terror group’s term for Israeli strikes.

Abdullah was killed in a strike in the town of Jouaiyya.

Hezbollah refers to Abdullah as a commander of a Hezbollah regional division in southern Lebanon., reported Times of Israel.

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John Mills June 12, 2024 at 2:45 am

You still hear US / UK politicians talking about a 2-state solution in Palestine, well the Zionists gave their answer in no uncertain terms back in the 1940’s:

Confessions / Boasts of a Zionist terrorist as reported in ‘The Times of Israel, the principal newspaper of the terrorist state.
Yitzhak Shamir was Prime Minister of ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ serving two terms 1983-84, 1986-92.
There is no doubt that Shamir played a vital role in the assassination, as he did in the later assassination of Count Bernadotte.
Yitzhak Shamir: Why we killed Lord Moyne
“….Lord Moyne was the highest British official in the Middle East …. and because we fought against the British in this area, we took him for a target. This was the main reason for his assassination”.
Folke Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg (2 January 1895 – 17 September 1948) was a Swedish Nobleman and Diplomat in WW2, he negotiated the release of about 450 Danish Jews and 30,550 non-Jewish prisoners from many nations from the Nazi German Theresienstadt concentration camp.
Bernadotte was assassinated on Friday 17 September 1948 by members of the group Lehi, a Zionist paramilitary militant organization, commonly known in the West as the Stern Gang.
Well that’s gratitude for you!!! I wonder what Oscar Schindler would have thought?
How dare you try to negotiate a 2-state solution in Palestine!

Trev June 12, 2024 at 4:42 am

Well done Israel. I applaud tour actions against the barbarians.


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