When Somebody Did Something

When somebody did something
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When somebody did something, I was told by the control tower to shut down the engine in my little Cessna Skyhawk and leave the airport. When somebody did something, I came home just in time to see on live TV the second aircraft fly into the second tower, video that is now considered “too graphic” to show to the American public. When somebody did something, some of the businesses in Cambridge, Massachusetts where I worked must have known who this “somebody” was, because if they were Muslim or even could be reasonably confused with being Muslim, they hung huge American flags on their storefronts.

When somebody did something, our president, G. W. Bush told us that soon they will hear from us. But who “they” were, who funded them, and why they did this “something”, we were forbidden to discuss. What every Muslim and Middle Eastern business owner in Cambridge knew, we were forbidden to know. The “somebodies” who did this something came from Saudi Arabia, we were told. Saudi Arabia did not hear from us. These “somebodies” did “something” in the name of their religion, Islam. Islam did not hear from us.

Now other somebodies who share the exact same religion, ideology, and hatred for America that animated the original somebodies to do something are in our Congress. They are the de-facto leaders of the Democratic caucus. They define for us who and what was done. Somebody did something, we are told.

To that, I say the hell with it. These somebodies were Muslims and what they did was slaughter thousands of innocent Americans and they did it for one reason and one reason only: because they were Muslims. They were Muslims who were organized, commanded, and funded by other Muslims. Saudi Muslims and Egyptian Muslims, and Afghan Muslims. Other Muslims, in America and around the world were deliriously happy when somebody did something. Why? Because they were Muslim. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are not sorry that somebody did something, they are happy they did. They are only sorry that despite our leaders’ best efforts, some Americans did not buy into the propaganda, the obvious lie, that the religion of Islam was not to blame for somebody doing something. They also fear that more and more Americans are beginning to understand that Islam, far from being not to blame, was, in fact, the only thing to blame.

Somebody did something. Many innocent lives were lost. And then our own leaders, the ones who we entrusted with our defense, chose to also do something. They chose to lie to us. They chose to leave us defenseless. They chose to not avenge the deaths of thousands of Americans. They chose to bring to America countless thousands, and tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of other somebodies, most of whom cheer what was done and many of whom are perfectly capable and willing to do it again.

It is high time that somebody else, the rest of us, do something else: wake the hell up!

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