The Bolshevik Takeover Of America Part III – The Deep State

The American federal republic is well on its way to being replaced by a bolshevik totalitarian state

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I’m going to give you a quick and easy litmus test that you can use to figure out how Bolshevik your country is. Ready? Ask yourself: in my country, is working for the government in any capacity from firefighter to police officer to career military to teacher to Inspector General of the Justice Department more about self-sacrifice or self-advancement? Do not include any future benefits of government service such as joining a lobbying group after retirement; in the here and now, are you better off working for the government or not?

If where you live government service is more self-advancement than self-sacrifice, congratulations! You are living in a Bolshevik country. In China, for example, that is definitely the case. Given a person’s abilities and talents, that person would always be immeasurably better off working for the government in any capacity than working for the private sector, not the least because any riches you may gain from private sector work can at any moment be confiscated by the decree of a government employee. China is a Bolshevik country.

In America prior to circa 1970, you were much better off NOT working for the government. People joined government service out of a sense of duty, because they enjoyed helping others more than helping themselves, or because (and this is totally legitimate) they planned to leverage government service into subsequent private sector success.

Now, through the well-planned efforts of American neo-Bolsheviks, the picture is almost the total opposite. Remember, a bloated, over-funded, unaccountable government sector is both the hallmark and the ultimate goal of any Bolshevik regime and such a government cannot coexist with a thriving private sector for many reasons, but suffice it to say that they would be competing for human resources, especially highly skilled ones.

With that in mind, America’s neo-Bolsheviks enacted a trifecta of policies that increased the government sector by many multiples at the expense of the private one. First, the Democrats in Congress made it nearly impossible to fire a government employee for any reason, making government employment into a lifelong sinecure that once attained, set one for life. Next, the same corrupt individuals allowed government employees to unionize, creating a situation in which the typical negotiations between ownership and employees are friendly rather than adversarial. When it comes to government employees, they want more money, more perks, more pensions AND SO DOES THE GOVERNMENT WITH WHOM THEY NEGOTIATE. The only brakes, if any, are the vague and ineffective limits that the American taxpayers may put on their elected representatives in terms of runaway spending. This corrupt to the core idea of government employee labor unions resulted in the unheard of pension plans that plague the balance sheets of every government jurisdiction.

Finally and crucially, the congressional Democrats and their Republican flunkies with the willing participation of the Supreme Court transferred substantially all of the levers of governance from the legislative branch where the Constitution had placed them to the unelected and unaccountable government bureaucracy. The impact of this last measure cannot be overestimated. Not only has it resulted in the creation of millions of additional government jobs, not only has it made the policies that affect everyday Americans the purview of unelected personnel with lifetime tenure, it all but effaced the federal nature of the American Republic, making it substantially into a Bolshevik dictatorship.

The American Constitution, a document that is diametrically opposed to Bolshevik-style totalitarianism, gave Americans two ways of affecting their lives through the instrument of voting; they could vote with their hands, electing representatives who faithfully reflected their values and desires, and they could vote with their feet by moving to another state should they find themselves in the minority in their own. The Bolshevization of America, a project that started around the time of the Bolshevik takeover of the Russian Empire, has now all but succeeded in disenfranchising Americans from both of these voting methods. The policies that most affect Americans, from abortion to environmental regulations are not made by elected officials at any level of elected government; they are made in the bowels of the unelected federal bureaucracy we call the Deep State. Since these policies are made at the federal level, moving from one state to another offers only limited reprieve from their effects.

The creation of the Deep State is the biggest and most important innovation of American neo-Bolsheviks. Having studied the disastrous consequences of their Russian and Chinese counterparts’ unpreparedness to govern once their violent overthrows of previous governments were complete, American Bolsheviks decided to go a different route. Not for them were hasty actions resulting is civil wars, famine, and the wholesale destruction of invaluable infrastructure as happened in Russia and China. American Bolsheviks would take power gradually, imperceptibly, inevitably, almost by default. They would boil the American public slowly like the proverbial frog until such time that resistance would be futile, until it would simply be too late.

American neo-Bolsheviks understood that the elites – deplorables dichotomy cannot be maintained without two additional classes: a class of technocrats we know of as the Deep State and a class of unaccountable enforcers that can engage in seemingly uncontrolled, but actually highly orchestrated violence. To be honest, we caught a bit of a break with that last one; the violent enforcer class creation has not gone as planned for our ruling elites. Their first choice were African Americans whom they have been agitating for many decades now. While this project is ongoing, African Americans have not proven to be quite as disciplined or efficient as they were expected to, necessitating Plans B and even C.

Since 9/11 the first choice of the American Bolshevik elites for the class of violent enforcers have been Muslims. It is an inspired choice because unlike African Americans it meets both the necessary condition of an innate, inherent penchant for violence with having no love whatsoever for America. In exchange and in preparation for their services (most of which are yet to come), Muslims in America have received from America’s real rulers, the unelected bureaucrats and the courts, a full, complete, and unequivocal exemption from following the laws or suffering any adverse consequences for their actions. Muslims can openly preach politics and incite racial hate from mosque pulpits without ever getting into the slightest trouble with the IRS. They can create their own private police forces. They can use all social media platforms to spew the most vile hateful speech including targeted threats of violence without fear of deplatforming. In short, Muslims in America now constitute a privileged class, the class of the elites shock troops for the violence to come.

Before the big violence there must be an ever ratcheting series of provocations, of violence on a smaller scale. Muslims, with their preference for stabbing, shooting, exploding, and other deadly harm are a poor choice for that kind of thing, which is why we have Antifa. The white, privileged, brainwashed from early childhood boys and girls that make up that particular organization are the perfect fodder for the elites’ plan to intimidate the deplorables into submission as the heat under the cauldron is being turned up and an awareness of being boiled is beginning to creep in. There are bike locks on chains and quick-set cement milkshakes, there are injuries, but they are small enough for the bought and paid for local police forces to simply ignore.

It is not true that a violent takeover of America is coming; it is already here, it just hasn’t been completed yet. There are many things each of us can do. The first one is to fully internalize that violence in the defense of self, of family, of community, and of homeland is not only immoral or illegal, it is a legal and moral imperative. Make yourself capable of violence. Train for it. Educate yourself what weapons you can legally carry in your jurisdiction. Make your body into a weapon. Refuse, at all costs, to be the victim of violence. Fight back as hard as you can. Above all remember this: Bolshevism has never succeeded. It runs contrary to human nature and it always loses in the end. Resistance is far from futile. If we resist now, we can defeat them before we are subjugated for several generations like the Russians or the Chinese. Our children will thank us.

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Joseph Ulman September 9, 2019 at 6:03 pm

Make yourself capable of violence. Train for it. Educate yourself what weapons you can legally carry in your jurisdiction. Make your body into a weapon. Refuse, at all costs, to be the victim of violence. Fight back as hard as you can.
I have my reservations on that being our only solution. You stated the bought and paid for local police forces. I believe we need to sniff out the few people who are funding this slow takeover and quench the money. It’s not just the local forces, it’s everyone who is being paid.
I agree it is not a bad idea to be able to defend yourself, but defending ones self wont win the battle.


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