Netanyahu Leads Israel Into The Abyss

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu . (Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders)

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Six months after Justice Minister Yariv Levin unveiled the coalition’s plan to neuter the judiciary, and four months after President Isaac Herzog warned that Israel was headed for a “constitutional, security, social and economic abyss,” a dismal landmark moment has arrived.

The Knesset is on Monday passing the first reading of legislation that will protect elected officials from judicial scrutiny of the “reasonableness” of their decisions — the first piece of a legislative package constructed to give near-absolute power to the ruling majority and deny the courts the capacity to protect Israel and Israelis from government abuse.

Only a government bent on doing the unreasonable would move to ensure that the justices — the only brake on majority power in a country with no constitution and no enshrined, unbreachable defense of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and other basic rights — cannot review the reasonableness of its policies.

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