Nothing Is Unthinkable And Our Age Is No Different From Any Other – Lessons From Israel’s Journey From Grief To Exaltation

History teaches us that every generation has its own deadly foes, people who wish to exterminate us both physically and spiritually. Fighting back is the only moral choice.

An Israeli woman, standing at attention as sirens blare on Yom Ha’zikaron
Copyright: udi Steinwell Pikiwiki Israel [CC BY 2.5 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)]

Just recently, Jews around the world celebrated Passover, reciting from the Hagadah one of the its most insightful and instructional passages: “In each generation, there are those who rise to exterminate us and in each generation the Almighty, Blessed Be His Name delivers us from them.”

Today, we here at Tsionizm join all Jewish Israelis and many Jews in the Diaspora in remembering the twenty three thousand seven hundred and forty one men, women, and children who gave their lives for the defense our ancient homeland whether fighting the enemy or simply minding their business when they became the victims of an Arab terrorist.

Amazingly, nearly one half of that number fell during the 1948 War of Independence, when the Jewish population of Israel was only about 600,000. The casualty rate during that conflict was close to 1.5% of the total population, the equivalent of roughly five million Americans falling in battle today.

One of the many differences between the secular progressive segment of the Israeli population and the more traditional and religious segments is particularly relevant on a day like today. Secular progressives often ask: “until when?” “Until when must we die to preserve our freedoms, to defend our country? When will we all, Arabs and Jews alike, realize that we are all human beings with the same aspirations, the same love for our families, the same hearts, and stop killing each other?”

Traditionalists never ask this question for two simple reasons: they already know the answer and they know that the premise of the question is faulty. The answer to the question posed by the secular Left is simple: Never. There will never be a time when blood sacrifice will not be required to maintain our freedom and independence. This is the primary lesson of Passover and it is as true today as it has ever been in human history.

Why then do progressive secularists ask the question? Doesn’t the question itself assume that there is a date final on which bloodshed will stop and the only real question is what that date might be? The answer to this question lies in the progressives’ faulty assumptions, assumptions that derive directly from their warped and easily disproved worldview. The truth is that no, not all humans are the same. Not all wish for peace, not all share the same heart. All of us do not hope for the same thing. In fact, we are radically different from each other. Some of us are choose to be good, others choose to be evil. Some of us prefer material comforts, others things like “family honor”. Some are willing to be slaves, others would prefer death to bondage.

There is nothing more pathetic than the progressive or the libertarian who, ignoring all of human history, imagines that he can live in Western comfort with its ridiculous accouterments of a two-car garage home and a back yard and two nearly brand new cars and stock portfolios while other people, people who have nothing and many of whom live only a few miles away, be it across the I-95 or across an international border, will just leave them alone. At best, these useless lazy thinkers believe that they can buy off the others with menial jobs or handouts like the ones Democratic presidential candidate Biden is proposing to send to Central America to quench the migrant flow.

The truth is different. Your less fortunate neighbors want your stuff. Not the crumbs you’re willing to give, but all of it. And if getting it meant killing you and your entire family, they would happily do that as long as they were reasonably assured of not losing their own lives in the process. For many Muslims, it is far more important that their daughter remains a virgin until she is delivered into the hands of her husband than having a high degree of material comfort. Family honor, a concept that Westerners have long since abandoned though they used to have it aplenty, is still paramount to them.

A key progressive folly, one expressed in Martin Luther King’s “arc” analogy, is that there is a moral universe and that it has a direction, that it bends towards “justice”. In truth, your “justice” and mine can be two totally different concepts, and it is more likely that they are different than that they are the same. In truth, there is no “moral universe”, there are only individual humans, imperfect biological beings, in any way but two identical to any other animal. Alone in the universe, God has given us all souls: self-awareness and the ability to choose between right and wrong. This folly, this idea that human nature is somehow mutable, that its mutations have a trend, and that this trend can be nudged along and accelerated is at the heart of every totalitarian ideology from communism to fascism; it is the guiding light of every murderous despot from the already self-actualized like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot to the wannabes in the mold of our social media overlords. What all these people have in common is their belief that humans, them excepted, of course, are a soulless brainless herd that can be manipulated for its own good, a good the nature of which is determined by them exclusively.

It does not matter really if the methods they employ are bayonets or Twitter bans, the driving force behind them is the same, the choice of the nudging mechanism only a matter of expediency. These people, these shameless mountebank abusers of the natural human tendency to believe in a better future are the ones that in every generation rise up to exterminate us. In some cases, like in the Holocaust, the extermination is physical. In other cases, like in the modern West, extermination takes on the less visual, but no less pernicious character of moral and ethical extermination. But do not rejoice just yet that you got to keep your pathetic life. Spiritual, moral, and ethical extermination is physical extermination delayed by only a couple of generations. Birth rates in the West outside of third world immigrant and the few remaining religious communities unaffected by the moral exterminators are at half of what is needed for population maintenance.

You see, the Stalins, Hitlers, and Maos of our generation have figured out that death by starvation, overwork, exposure, or even gas in concentration camps is not cost effective and the PR is horrible too. Young people, after all, are so squeamish these days. So they devised a much simpler and more elegant tool of extermination: they have perfected the art and science of nudging us to commit suicide. It is a two-prong strategy. First, by taking away our cultural, ethnic, and religious identities, they have made childbirth and child rearing from the greatest joy a person can have into a chore and financial burden. After all, if one feels nothing but revulsion towards oneself and one’s ancestors, how can one be expected to give up a lifetime of adventure travel just to bring another worthless person to this world? Second, they created an elaborate hoax, a mas hysteria induced by their tool of choice, social media, around the supposedly impending environmental doom due to “climate change”. Having children, they tell us, is immoral when all they will do is live short miserable lives and contribute to shortening the already exceedingly short period that Planet Earth can support life.

Like the exterminators of every generation, our current “nudgers” are banal. There is no grand plan, there is no asking “what will come after”. These people are possessed of the ultimate banality of viruses. No, they don’t drink their own “Koolaid”, they know that climate change is a hoax, they keep their own kids in private schools and away from smartphones and social media, but they are still pathetically dumb. Could Hitler have possibly imagined that he could lord it over Russia, a country that is many times the size of Germany by area and by population? Do the Dorseys and the Zuckerbergs imagine that their money will shield them from Muslim mobs? Yes, they do. They are that dumb. They will feast on the host, us, like viruses until they die either because they kill the host or because our immune system finally kicks in and starts to fight back.

In every generation, there are those who rise against us; against our freedoms, against our history, against our very survival. And yes, in every generation, He sends us someone who delivers us, who saves us from extinction. Sometimes, this deliverance is only by a hair so some of us can live to fight another day. That was the fate of the Jewish people for nearly two millennia. Sometimes, it is glorious like the State of Israel. The choice is ours. The glory that is freedom can only be had if we are willing to fight and sacrifice ourselves and our loved ones. Everything that has happened will happen again and worse. There will again be wars that will claim millions of lives even in America. Nothing is unthinkable, the world has not changed and it never will. But you can always choose, even with your last breath, to not be a victim. Honor your ancestors and choose wisely.

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SteveStevensen May 8, 2019 at 10:28 am

Freedom isn’t free…it demands eternal vigilance and every so many generations, the pledging of our sacred honor, blood, fortunes and safety of our families to defend it as the liberty tree is watered once again with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Freedom also demands responsibility to act in a moral way among your fellow human beings. This demands that we distinguish right from wrong…clearly, brightly and with zero ambiguity.

The US Constitution is a document that is suited for only a moral and religious people…to restore the Constitution we will have to seek a common morality that begets moral behaviors. What is that common morality that can stand the test of time? What is that moral bedrock?

With the lines between right and wrong now being blurred by secularism and lack of a moral compass, we can expect the steady erosion of freedom as the hedonists with the loudest voices dominate, and voices of freedom, responsibility, morality and individual liberty are suppressed.

I would guide lost souls to the Ten Commandments for their moral bedrock…to sharply illuminate the differences between right and wrong. If you are not a godly person, then believe if you will that the final six commandments are timeless rules for civil behavior, and that if all humans would strive to abide by them there would be a 99% drop in violence, suffering and corruption in this world:

5 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
6 “You shall not murder.
7 “You shall not commit adultery.
8 “You shall not steal.
9 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

If you are lost, return to these laws of God…and if you believe not in God, then believe in the timelessness of these commandments to govern over a civil people by clearly highlighting right from wrong.

Staff May 8, 2019 at 11:22 am

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


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