Small Victory On Major Issue In California

California board of education rejects proposed curriculum on “ethnic studies”, though the last word on this may have yet to be spoken

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Earlier this week we reported on the California Legislature seriously considering the implementation of an Ethnic Studies program for all high schools in the state. The issue for 83 groups was the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel essence of this proposal. They lobbied intensely against this bill.

The good news on this issue is reflected is the statement below.

Congratulations to Ms. Rossman-Benjamin and her group along with the other 82 groups opposed to this vicious proposed curriculum.

Santa Cruz, CA, August 14 – The following is a statement from AMCHA Initiative Director Tammi Rossman-Benjamin on the California Board of Education’s decision to rewrite the proposed Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum:

“We are pleased the State Board of Education has recognized the severe problems with this curriculum and agreed to go back to the drawing board.  However, merely revamping the curriculum is like going after the symptoms while ignoring the underlying illness. The State Board of Education must establish overall safeguards to ensure that abusive and unconscionable attempts to hijack an educational curriculum in order to indoctrinate students with political, religious and ethnic hate are never attempted again. If the State Board of Education does not do this, it is imperative that our state’s elected leaders introduce legislation to right this wrong and protect our students.” 

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JG November 6, 2019 at 7:39 am

Its sad to see how bad my home state has sunk. I remember elementary school where we learned the state’s history and the history of the people of the state. I learned also about the history of the USA. Later in the High School I learned civics and American Government. I left the state in 1995 and I doubt these are still given as classes. If they are classes they have been corrupted and as all the American Students they have been DUMB DOWNED.


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