Throughout my decades long career as a radio talk host, I have repeatedly been asked by callers why the Jewish vote supports Democrats in elections. There has never been a satisfactory answer to this question.

I remember hosting a program with the highest ratings in the New York market (Filled in for Bob Grant) and spent 4 hours asking the Jewish listeners to justify their support for Hillary Clinton for the Senate from New York. In 4 hours of taking calls on the subject, only one Jewish caller tried to justify the Jewish vote for Hillary. His response was frankly feeble. Of course, Hillary won and received overwhelming support from the New York Jewish community at the polls. It was ironic that none could explain why in cogent terms.

As much as the political landscape has changed since then, one constant remains. The Jewish community continues to vote for Democrats. Some polls say 75% of the Jewish community will vote in this election for Joe Biden. Yet, Donald Trump has been the most pro-Jewish President since the State of Israel was created. This dichotomy clearly demonstrates that the Jewish community does not vote on logic and the issues, but on emotional instinct that does not permit them to vote for Republicans.

Ironically, they supported Barack Obama overwhelmingly twice, even though he clearly demonstrated animus toward Israel and its Prime Minister. Talk about self-flagellation, the American Jewish electorate wins that contest with ease.

Where is the anti-Defamation League in all of this? Acting with political correctness.

Where was their outrage when Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina characterized Federal officers in Portland defending federal property as storm troopers? How dare he do that to officers facing attacks from violent protesters as they carry out their responsibility to protect federal buildings. The horror of that description by Clyburn in comparing those officers to Nazi storm troopers who put 6 million Jews in ovens and deadly showers is despicable. Yet did we hear anything from the ADL to condemn that comment? Of course, if it had been a Republican, there would have been outrageous condemnation from the ADL and from the mainstream press who are simply now Democrat apologists.

Yet the ADL demonstrates great sympathy with those who break federal law by attempting to enter the country without authorization. Where is the same ADL concern for the thousands of Americans who have been murdered by illegal alien criminals entering this country?

The answer is that they reflect the Left-Wing mentality of the majority of American Jews. That is how they maintain their support financially and with membership.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency claims a poll by the American Jewish Committee shows a 75-22% support for Joe Biden among Jewish voters. This is another indicator of the delusion in the Jewish community about their own self-interest.

This radical organization, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, claims the President’s bigotry may be a cause for this split among Jewish voters. Perhaps we should present the facts and not an ideological extremist position based on nothing:

  • Prior to the pandemic, African-Americans had the lowest unemployment rate in the history of keeping these records.
  • Prior to the pandemic, Hispanics had the lowest unemployment rate in the history of keeping these records.
  • Donald Trump’s grandchildren are Jewish as is his daughter Ivanka who converted to Judaism after marrying Jarred Kushner.
  • Donald Trump achieved the Second Chance Act that gave many African-Americans a second chance by having them released after they were imprisoned due to Joe Biden’s ruthless passage of an act that placed primarily African-American men behind bars. Donald Trump also signed into law a bill that gives 10-year funding to primarily African-American colleges and universities. It was Joe Biden who said that you are not black if you vote for Donald Trump against me, even though you are African-American. He made this outrageous statement to Charlemagne the God, a media icon.
  • Joe Biden worked with segregationists in the Senate to oppose school bussing intended to accomplish desegregation. Joe Biden talked about Barack Obama being “clean” to imply that was somehow unusual as a characteristic for blacks. So, who is the bigot? The facts clearly show Joe Biden has far more to answer for in this regard than Donald Trump.

In the meantime, the Jewish Democratic Council of America has released an ad comparing President trump’s leadership of America to the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism in Germany under Hitler in the 1930’s.

This is a sickness that cannot allow these members of the Jewish community to understand the facts. Their ideology takes preference over facts and truth when the two are in conflict.

There is one hope and that is the Republican Jewish Coalition. They are committed to telling the truth and discrediting the radical left views of most in the Jewish community.

As a Jew who was raised with the importance of education being central to our values, I am embarrassed by the extremes the leftists in the Jewish community will go to justify their ideology against the truth and facts.

I hope other Jews in larger and larger numbers will do the same.

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Dale Casto November 1, 2020 at 10:54 pm

The simple answer is “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

America was based on the Protestant religion which is based no a PERSONAL relationship with YHWH, which in term instills the idea of PERSONAL responsibility. The flyers developed by BLM for use in indoctrination classes on “White Culture” could just as easily, and more accurately be titled “Protestant Theology”.

Therefore a vote for anyone who supports Traditional American Values is a vote against Jewish superiority.

pc_PHAGE November 28, 2020 at 7:45 am

Dale’s comment leaves me confused.
How do flyers developed by BLM for use in indoctrination classes on White Culture correspond to Protestant Theology and why is that bad?

pc_PHAGE January 11, 2021 at 6:24 pm

When thinking about Jewish voting patterns in the overall Christian Culture one has to take into consideration the Jewish experience embedded in a hostil culture.
Marxism attracted Jews because it espoused equality and denigrated religion –obviously the Christian Religion which was the greatest persecutor of Jews.
Perhaps a chance to strike a blow at Christianity was what motivated Marx to call religion the opium of the people–it certainly is and it’s power to enhance a culture’s survival is what allowed the Jews to survive for 4000[?] years.
Leftism implicitly works to lessen the role of Christianity in the greater culture and the espousal of equality works to dilute the power of White Christian Men who had always been the Jews greatest enemy.
It’s about payback to avenge historical injustices.
Jews have always been drawn to Socialism with it’s promises of equality.
Critical Race Theory is rooted in cultural Marxism which had it’s beginnings in the Jewish led Marxist Frankfurt school.
Today’s Leftist Ideology springs from Jewish roots and so attracts a large Jewish following.
Thus the DEM’s ideology is based on Jewish thought.
Even if many Jews don’t agree with atheistic cultural Marxism social inertia causes them to vote Democratic.
The Democratic party has become the Party of People Of Color.
It is waging a war against the Jews principle enemy–White Christian Men on the Right.
The Left wants to subdue and make irrelevant White Christian Men.
How can this not appeal consciously or unconsciously to Jews.?
As far as Leftist Anti-semitism is concerned; I think there are analogies between the the American Left and the Bolsheviks.
Most of the top leadership[?] of the Bolsheviks were Jewish and were purged by the Christian Culture Communists.
The leading lights in Critical Race Theory are Jewish[?] or at least in Cultural Marxism and Christian Culture Leftists are purging Jews[?] who they feel have an underlying loyalty to Israel?
Group Dynamics is at work here.
[?] means I’m coasting on pure supposition!

pc_PHAGE January 11, 2021 at 6:36 pm

Judaism is the mother religion of Christianity in a similar sense that England is the mother country of America.
Christianity is a transformation and extension of Judaism via the New Testament.
The Old Testament[my favorite] is the genius of a relatively primitive people.
The New Testament is the product of the ancient world’s most creative civilization.

pc_PHAGE January 12, 2021 at 6:25 am

Cultural Communism and Critical Race Theory are destroying Judaism as well as Christianity among white Americans.
Are these ideologies the major cause of secularism = atheism in the West??

John Smith February 1, 2021 at 11:42 am

I don’t know why Jews are leftists but about 75% seem to be in my personal experience. And not just liberal, but realy toxic leftists. I think there is something of a cultural memory of anti-Semitism at work here. I think the sense of hating Western civilization is passed down from generation to generation because of the hundreds of years of pogroms and of course Hitler, which they associate with Western civilization as opposed to the more egalitarian promises of Marxism.

I do think they side with radical Muslims because they see them like antifa and BLM as brutes willing to do the dirty work they’re not going to do. Those groups are the Brownshirts of the left and they take the fight to the sustainers of Western civilzation.

That said, in reality, Western civ. is the great protector and sustainer of the Jews while atheistic socialism in all its guises- fascism, Nazism, Pol Pot etc. Communism- killed how many last century ? 100 million? Probably more, possibly very many more. How do the radical Muslims feel about gays and Jews and women again?

At some point the inculcation and brainwashing against Western civ. Jews have received from their families has to start crumbling in the face of raw facts.

If you look at the leftist trans radicalism being shoved down Spain’s throat right now, you can see the form the wake up call to America Jews will take. You can’t care about women and support men in women’s sports, showers, prisons, bathrooms, dressing rooms etc. That’s where things get really real for people. You can’t want minority rights and gay rights and support the rise of fundamentalist Islam in Europe. At some point the facts of what is really happening has to start to register.

The pogroms and hatred towards the Jews was just one flavor of the hatred that was endemic over the whole world i revious times, from and towards everyone. OK it had a special vocabulary, lineage, flavor and special form against Jews but the same effective thing transpired in other forms between people of any ethnicity and religion and culture you can name and between the members of each of those categories too. Look at China’s history or Europes or the Middle East or anywhere..the Souith and North American natives- it was a war of all against all.

When people can only take each other’s prosperity and don’t know how to create it, then war and all the excuses for it are the order of the day. That’s the universal tale of human history up until about the industrial revolution.

Marx wrote at the dawn of the industrial revolution about what he saw. He wasn’t smart enough to realize that the industrial revolution would change the industrial revolution itself. Similarly the Frankfurt school wasn’t smart enough to realize that the categories of thought they brought over from the Weimar Republic did not apply to America; that osmething sui generis could be. They brought the Old World wars here because they were unimaginative, closed-minded ideologues who would not have know what to do with their lives if they weren’t hating the old hates.

The time for Jews to worship at the alter of 19th century ideas and hatreds has to be over. The time for avenging past grievances has gone. By clinging to ancient memories – which themselves aren’t even an accurate picture of the world at the time the events took place- Jews are just destroying themselves.

M. Geoffrey Kent March 5, 2021 at 9:07 pm

The fact is most Atheists are in fact Jewish. The Jews have the highest incidence of Atheism in their culture than any other group of religious Americans. Jews are not lust attracted to Leftist Ideology, they invented it. Surely you don’t believe that Carl Marx existed in a Jewish vacuum? There were many Jews who were instrumental in his work. There are of course exceptions in the Jewish community. Orthodox Jews abhor Atheism, as do Conservative Jews and Hasidic Jews. Most of the Atheists have sprung from The Reformed Jewish Sect. Yes Jews were persecuted by the Catholic Church but they were also the first and worst persecutors of the Early Church.


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