This Jewess Says RFK Jr Is Right

A presidential candidate is assailed for speaking the truth.

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It’s legacy media hysteria time again: news outlets from The Washington Post to The Atlantichyperventilate about what they spin as the latest scandale. Presidential candidate RFK Jr made comments at a dinner about ethnically targeted bioweapons. Mainstream media commentators claim that these comments are in themselves anti-Semitic.

Some articles are going back in time, cherry-picking remarks RFK Jr has made in the past about the Holocaust, and about other aspects of historic totalitarianism, to strengthen the case for imprinting the “Anti-Semite” label forever on Mr Kennedy’s candidacy and campaign. With the (now AI-driven) global smear campaign in full mode, we see the way that bad press today quickly becomes circular and self-referential.

Look at who is most upset! It is the Democratic political establishment — which is directly threatened by RFK Jr’s potential success — that is beside itself…

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