“Morocco in the Heart,” A Single Exhibition at the ZOA House in Central Tel Aviv by Artist Viviane Perez-Ben Meir

Viviane was born in Agadir, Morocco and grew up in a traditional family. In her childhood she absorbed the culture of her environment.

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The following was written by Michal Sadan, with English translation by Naomi Niv

The extraordinary life story of the artist Viviane Perez Ben-Meir, as if taken from a movie, has at its center a tragedy which she succeeds in transforming into a fairytale. Viviane is a traveller and a wanderer who gathers experiences and passionately strives to swallow up the world. On one hand there is a sense of restlessness, on the other hand, she is calm and secure in her artistic work and style.

In her present exhibition, mounted at the gallery of the ZOA House in central Tel Aviv, the Artist has chosen to listen to her inner voice. Her work is a journey of search and longing, prayer and yearning, sometimes of great joy but also of sadness and pain.

In the words of the artist herself…

“For me painting is an existential necessity in which I find expression in colors and forms when words seem to be insufficient to contain it.”

Viviane Perez Ben-Meir

Her art contains the landscapes, images and smells which were retained in her memory, music in all its forms and nuances, her emotional world and brief moments of charity and emotion.

“These are my childhood memories imprinted in my consciousness for better or for worse. In a way they shaped my life, my longings and my wishes.”

Viviane Perez Ben-Meir

Viviane was born in Agadir, Morocco and grew up in a traditional family. In her childhood she absorbed the culture of her environment. Her father, a rabbi, was also a merchant. Life was calm and peaceful until a powerful earthquake shook up and changed Vivian’s life who was 14 years old at the time. This was a dramatic turnabout in the young girl’s life who eventually emigrated to Israel, and among others, learned to become a beautician and simultaneously studied painting with the very best teachers at the time.

Her work has been inspired by her past: the rituals, traditions and landscapes of her childhood.

At present she is exhibiting her paintings in a single exhibition, one of many, at the ZOA House in central Tel Aviv.

The artist in Facebook: VIVIANE PEREZ

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