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‘NOW You Tell Us?’: Israeli Leader Rips Doctors ‘Concerned About Tyranny’

‘You. . .were silent or active in this tyrannical coercion campaign’

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Israel’s Zehut Yehudit Party leader Moshe Feiglin Tuesday denounced a group of 1,000 doctors protesting what they call “tyrannical” legislation, after they abetted the state’s totalitarian measures during the pandemic.

The legislation, proposed by the Right-leaning Netanyahu administration, seeks to curtail the unchecked power of Israel’s Supreme Court, whose judges have served as an unbridled authority for the Left.

In a public letter last week, 1,000 members of the Israel Medical Association (IMA) told IMA President Prof. Zion Chagai they’re concerned the Israel government is turning into Adolf Hitler’s Reich and are threatening to go on strike.

“We will not become the intellectuals, scientists and educated people of Germany in 1933, we will not work in a country that will be denounced for tyranny, as is indeed happening,” they wrote, adding that the legislation will harm the “level of medicine in Israel, harm patients, and undermine the great achievements of Israeli medicine…”

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