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We Need Smart Technology To Tell Us If We Feel Pain

(Because We’re Not Smart Enough)

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If you woke up this morning with a sore throat or backpain, you may be surprised to discover that your “subjective” feeling is not confirmation enough to rely on the fact that you’re truly in pain.  Since the beginning of time, the one thing we could all count on – our own feelings, is now being relegated to an uncertainty as to whether or not we are really in pain.

So aren’t we lucky that Tel Aviv researchers have come up with a more reliable way to know, without a doubt, whether our pain is valid or not!

Per a recent article, “Smart Sensors from Israel to Ensure Vaccine Safety,” (JPost, 4/12/22), “most personal physicians and pain specialists know patients’ discomfort, aches and soreness are subjective. So, when volunteers participate in clinical trials to ensure that new vaccines are safe and cause little or no side effects, they report subjectively on what they feel.”

Who would’ve thought??? Suddenly, it’s news that when you’re burned, you scream or if you get hit in the head, you cry out the pain you’re feeling.  But, those very real feelings are now being held in doubt since researchers claim that they are merely “subjective” and not necessarily indicative of what’s going on in your body.

These same researchers are convinced that only objective psychological data, obtained through sensors, attached to the body, are the final arbiters of whether or not you are really suffering some adverse effect.  Anything short of that can be skewed, because apparently our feelings are no longer something to be trusted.

What’s most interesting about this study, however, is that it seems to have been initiated in order to somehow challenge vaccine adverse effects’ reports.  Here’s why.  The article cites that “concerns regarding potential adverse effects, from vaccines, have recently led to the suspension of vaccination campaigns in several European countries and may have reinforced the public hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccines.”  For vaccine afficionados, this has, undoubtedly, been a worrisome trend, because in “Communication Medicine,” a medical journal characterized as being part of the “prestigious” Nature publishing group, it stated that “vaccination is widely accepted as the most prominent measure in the fight against COVID-19, posing the greatest hope for ending this major global health pandemic and related economic crisis.”

How thoughtful of them to not only be concerned with our health but also with the fallout of economic concerns which, ironically, have been a subsequent consequence driven by endless lockdowns.

Naturally, a novel way had to be found in order to circumvent this dilemma of vaccine hesitancy which, not only has come as a result of adverse effects, but mostly from the obvious conclusion that vaccines do not protect the spread of Covid.  

So, someone figured out that a great way to end all this speculative doubt would be through bypassing the “subjective” feelings of individuals and employ smart sensors which are believed to be more accurate than one’s own sense of pain. Why?  Because they’re smarter than us! These sensors, after all, don’t measure feelings which, apparently, are not valid indicators of pain in the year 2022. 

They, instead, measure a variety of psychological reactions, and after trial studies, predictably, discrepancies were said to have been discovered. What a surprise!  

So, get used to adjusting your findings!  No further need to suspect you have a fever or are coming down with a common cold, because your feelings are irrelevant and likely faulty.  Self-reporting is about as obsolete as a payphone.  In summarizing, the article ends by quoting the leader of the study, Dr. Yiftach Gepner who said, “This is the kind of medicine we should strive for today.”

And why not?  It is, yet, another way to deflect human intelligence in favor of man-made technology which can so easily contradict what someone is feeling in order to further doubt the credibility and trustworthiness of the individual, which, in effect, is exactly what is happening in today’s society.

Censorship, the act of blocking a position, feeling or sentiment, is very much akin to this new type of technology which could easily end up suppressing your own take on how you feel.  Why not rely upon the findings of a mechanical apparatus which is said to have more plausibility?  In fact, it’s designed to contradict human emotion by virtue of the fact that invented machinery is devoid of feelings.

And this is exactly what we are being conditioned to accept.  If a ruling class or entity has decided that everyone should conform to a particular treatment, belief or behavior, then we are being told to turn off our feelings, ability of deduction, common sense, rational thought, intuition and all the other God-given internal protections which serve to warn us that something is not right.  Because, by their way of thinking, we are not smart enough or advanced enough to know what’s good for us or what will collectively benefit mankind.

It is only by relying upon and having blind faith in the systems, which are being set up for us, ever since we crossed the Rubicon of 2020 that enable us to be truly safe and secure.  To assume that we know best for ourselves is both dangerous and brazen. 

After all, the ones who have charge over the rest of us are those to whom we must defer, because our very existence is in their capable hands – so they would have us believe.

The development of technology used to be a good thing and a welcomed evolution which often brought ease and desirable breakthroughs into our lives, but it seems that much of today’s new technologies are being created as a means to take away our freedoms, independence and ability to think for ourselves.  If that is the case, I think I’d prefer to remain in a less developed world where people are still able to have self-determination, the ability to come and go freely and still choose how to live their lives in a society that respects humanity rather than the robots which they create.I’ll trust my own instincts and human sensors any day of the week before letting technology or artificial intelligence decide what and when I’m feeling something!  That’s my prerogative as a feeling, thinking person, and I’ve got a strong sense that I’m not alone.

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