At The Edge Of The Sky /Solo Exhibition Of Lela Migirov In Blue Bird Gallery

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Curator: Sarah Raz, Tel Aviv

Among the many rights that the artist receives as a gift from God is the ability to transfer spiritual thinking to a tangible object.

“Oh dears, I found a way beyond the sky, I found a way that I can fly to the source of time at the edge of the sky. I go and sit on a rainbow that shines like a spider’s web, it will open your eyes, this is the end of the sky” (GB Dankel).

As in Jonathan Gefen’s song

At the end of the sky and at the end of the desert

There is a faraway place full of wildflowers.

Small, shabby, and crazy place

A distant place, a place of concern

They say what will happen there.

And thinking about everything that happened

God is there sitting and watching.

and keeps everything he created.

Lela Migirov with her talent and ability to express herself, created the series of works for the exhibition “At the edge of the sky” in the search for infinity and eternity of the world, in the oscillation between mysticism and reality, in a continuous dream marching towards the light where the colors are forced to soften, and the images are reduced to their transparency. The concrete combines with the abstract to allow emotions to emerge.

The wind stations, angels, flying machines and houses at the edge of the sky are the part of the loneliness, time, silence, and of a gentle and chiseled beauty.

“In this chaotic world, we almost no longer hear the beats of our hearts. “At the edge of the sky” I wanted to reveal the multiplicity of perceptions and the struggle to be reborn into a harmonious life.”

Lela builds scenes, characters and objects on the heavenly background and allows the viewers to be involved personally in this fascinating experience.

Lela Migrov is a French-Israeli artist living partly in Israel and partly in Paris. Her paintings are displayed in the European Museum of Art in Denmark, the Museum of 20th-21st Century Art in St. Petersburg, the Franz Kafka Association in Prague and in private collections around the world. Lela is a member of the Israeli Society of Plastic Artists, of the Association of Artists of Petah Tiqwa, of the European Academy of Arts-France and of the Republic of Montmartre. Lela is an eclectic artist, presented her artworks in many personal and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and gained prestigious international awards for her artistic merits.

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