Resurgence Of European Nationalism Exposes Rifts Among Jews In The Diaspora And In Israel Alike

Nationalism cannot be defeated, because it is part of human nature and the only way to survive is to be independent, nationalistic, and strong.

From apolitical early in life, to anti-nationalist in response to the resurgent German nationalism of WWI, Einstein late in life became a believer in the nation-state of Israel as the only guarantor of Jewish survival
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There is something entirely commonsensical in saying things like Poland is the homeland of the Polish people. There is a simple tactile beauty in that statement, an axiomatic wholesomeness that, being an axiom, requires no further proof or discussion. From this axiom, others arise. Others, like the one that says that Poles are the only and final arbitrors of what happens in their own country, Poland. This includes things like who may come and live there alongside them and on what terms. These axioms, these, as the American Founding Fathers might have called them SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS, are however at complete odds with the new globalist world order that is being pushed upon us by our globalist masters.

In their war against common sense, the globalists have already won. They scored a decisive victory by a deploying a rather ingenious little slight of hand, one that they slipped by us regular folks unsuspecting of treachery by our own elites. The globalists chose to avoid confronting head on the axiom that Poland belonged to the Poles. After all, that would have been hard to do. Like 1940 Germany, which avoided the fearsome defenses of the Maginot Line by simply first occupying the small and nearly defenseless Belgium and then using its territory to bypass the French defenses, the globalists simply redefined who was Polish, or French, or Italian.

See, for most regular folks a Frenchman is someone whose name is Jean-Luc Picard, someone whose mother tongue is French, someone who was raised as a Catholic Christian. But not to the globalists. To them, a Frenchman can be absolutely anyone on the globe provided he has a certain piece of paper called a passport, given to him by the French state authorities. Since French and Italian and German and British state authorities were all controlled by the globalists, their work was done. All they needed to do now was issue these passports to whomever they liked. These people then immediately became French and Italian and German and British and thus, according to our basic axiom, the owners of France and Italy and Germany and Britain.

This was even easier to do in America, because there is no baseline definition of an “American” by name, ethnicity, or religion. At a time, long ago, when American elites believed their interests to have been aligned with regular Americans, they acted on their behalf to make sure that any new Americans shared the values of the country and could immediately upon arrival make significant contributions to the common good. As the interests of the American elites diverged from those of the American people and finally became diametrically opposed to them, these elites proceeded to use America’s immigration policy as a weapon of mass destruction against their own people, just like the European elites had done.

This trick of redefining who can call themselves a member of any given nation worked so well that it granted the globalists a full victory, with naught but a few mop up operations remaining. These mop up operations included Eastern European countries that had been insulated by the Iron Curtain until the globalist project was all but complete and, improbably, the State of Israel.

Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary, emerging from under the shadow of the Soviet Union had a lower standard of living than their Western European counterparts and thus much less appetite to share it with any newcomers. They could also observe from up close the devastation that globalist immigration policies have wreaked upon Western European cities and societies even well before the current migratory crisis. Understandably, they wanted none of that, fighting to retain for themselves the right to determine who was and who was not Polish or Hungarian.

Israel is a country that is built entirely and exclusively around the idea that there exists a distinct ethno-religious group known as Jews, that members of this group can be positively identified by certain markers, and that they and only they can lay claim on Israeli citizenship from the day that Israel was created forward. With very few exceptions, new Israeli passports are granted only to people who are born to Israeli parents and Jews who wish to live in Israel. This policy enjoys a near consensus status in Israel. The newly resurgent European nationalism, however, is another matter.

Jews in Israel fall roughly into one of two categories: apologetic and unapologetic. The apologetic Jews who make up the Israeli left, view the creation of the modern state of Israel as a historic wrong perpetrated by Jews upon the Arab occupants of the land upon which Israel was created. These Jews, these Israelis have offered and are continuing to offer countless apologies to the Arabs, hoping against hope to be forgiven. The Arabs, who have learned everything they could about this particular Jewish pathology, have been exploiting it to further their goals for over sixty years with great detriment to the safety and security of all Israelis. The non-apologetic Jews simply believe that Israel belongs to the Jewish people like Poland belongs to the Poles and thus any other people who may be there for whatever reason are essentially guests whose residence in that country is granted only by the grace of its rightful owners.

European nationalism, I must admit, posits some very tough questions to the unapologetic part of our nation, a part to which I belong. In 1939, Jews were a full 10% of the population of Poland, just like today nearly 20% of the Israeli population are Arabs. Did the rightful owners of Poland, the Poles, have the right to wish to get rid of their Jewish population and rejoice when that outcome was made possible by the invading Nazis? Many Poles, many Hungarians, many Romanians and many other Europeans certainly thought so. Many still think so today.

Does the Jewish experience in the Holocaust negate the idea of a nationalistic ethno-state? Does it prove it to be a dangerous and deadly one? If we answer in the affirmative, Israel as the one and only Jewish state has no right to exist and its Law of Return, the law that made me and my family instant Israeli citizens though I and countless generations of my ancestors were born in Europe, should be declared racist and illegitimate.

Luckily, that worldview is antithetical to Zionism. The Jewish national liberation movement known as Zionism was born decades before the Holocaust at a time when empires were crumbling and from their ashes nation states large and small were being born. Italy and Germany emerged from the outdated Holy Roman Empire, Poland and Hungary were trying to get out of their allegiance to the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, respectively. The great insight of the founders of the Zionist movement was that if Jews passed on the chance to reestablish their own national homeland in their ancestral land, they would be the subjects of genocide of unheard of proportions.

While we can never forgive and forget the atrocities that were committed against our people by Poles and Hungarians, by Romanians and Croats acting as willing accomplices to the Germans, let alone those committed by the Germans themselves, we must never forget that our people were exposed to that horrific fate by the fact that the Zionist project was late, by less than a decade, in providing them with a safe haven in their own land. No, I do not absolve the perpetrators of the crimes, nor do I blame the victims, but I do state the geopolitical reality that people who are homeless and dispersed among other nations of the world are in constant danger of annihilation by genocide.

The Israeli left, the apologetic Israelis, are fast losing ground as shown by the last election. New generations of Israelis have no interest in asking forgiveness from anyone for living free and freely in their own ancestral homeland. While official Israel will always call out anti-Semitic expressions in Europe and elsewhere, it is not up to us to tell other nations how to live or how to govern their own ancestral homelands. European countries in which common sense nationalism is resurgent, like Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Poland are Israel’s natural allies, while those countries in which it is suppressed, like France, Germany, and Great Britain are fickle and conditional friends, soon to become open enemies.

In the only diaspora left in the world today that still counts, America, Jews are also divided. The vast majority, perhaps seven out of ten, are globalists who believe that the world is now somehow different and that migration and the effacement of national boundaries are bulwarks against a new Holocaust. These are also the Jews to whom Israel, with its increasingly unapologetic nationalistic stance is progressively foreign and even repugnant. These folks, who feel so protected by their privileged upbringing, fail to see that the Holocaust was the direct result of pressures brought to bear on the European and especially German working classes, pressures that left them susceptible to the teachings of murderous mountebanks like Hitler and Mussolini. These progressive American Jews are so blind as to spearhead the project of bringing similar pressures to bear upon the American working classes, expecting to see a different result stemming from the same old course of action.

As the unabashedly Jewish Albert Einstein once remarked, that, my friends, is the definition of insanity.

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Tucker May 22, 2019 at 5:06 am

“This was even easier to do in America, because there is no baseline definition of an “American” by name, ethnicity, or religion.”

Mr. Baruch Pletner has his facts wrong.

See the Naturalization Act of 1790
This article of legislation allowed an individual to apply for citizenship if they were a free white person, being of good character, and living in the United States for two years. Upon receiving the courts approval they took an oath of allegiance which was recorded. The individual’s citizenship was also extended to any children under the age of 21, regardless of their birthplace. If the applicant had never been a U.S. resident the application was disregarded.”

Aside from this one rather gigantic error, I would congratulate Mr. Pletner on an otherwise fine article that is overflowing with delightful levels of common sense, and plain old fashioned logic.


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