Is Trump Playing For Time Against Iran And China? He Should Be.

Knowing when and where to give the general battle is the hallmark of great generals. For a deeply divided America, the time for such a battle with Iran has not yet come.

Asymmetric warfare. That’s what they call it when a side that is ostensibly the weaker one in a given conflict decides that it can cast aside every rule in the book and wage war by proxy, with troops wearing no uniforms, by taking innocent hostages, and by attacking targets that have nothing to do with the conflict, but whose welfare is important to the supposedly stronger enemy. They get away with it, the Palestinians, the Iranians, because they are fighting Israel and America, two of the most disliked countries in the world as far as the globalist elites are concerned and because they have powerful sponsors like Russia, China, and the European Union that give them cover in the UN and in other international forums.

But what if America decided it didn’t want to play that game anymore? What if it decided that it could take the war to the enemy’s home field of murky attacks with no clear visiting card left by the attacker? What if America decided to make warfare symmetric again? After all, Iran also has tankers and these tankers don’t have to be sunk by million-dollar guided munitions that have “Made in the USA” written all over them. Iranian tankers can be attacked just like Norwegian and Japanese ones by IED’s and torpedoes that have no return address, but do the trick just fine nonetheless.

There are some preliminary reports in the Israeli media that Iranian tankers have suffered just such a fate earlier today in the Gulf. Could it be that for once America is doing the right thing and letting those who have vital interests in seeing the Iranian theocracy finally come to an end, be they Iranian dissidents or Arabian Peninsula Sunnis, fight Iran using the same bag of tricks that Iran has been so successfully utilizing to terrorize the entire Middle East region for these many years?

America is very sick indeed, but there are signs that it may be healing. Trump’s election is, of course, the chief among those. His reelection would be the clearest indication yet that America is not yet done for, that the hyenas and the vultures now circling around it had better turn tail and run before it is too late. This timeline is not something that is unbeknownst to America’s enemies, be they in Tehran or in Beijing, which is why the period leading to the 2020 election is so fraught with peril for America. During this period, president Trump will be besieged by domestic enemies, enemies who control the House of Representatives, the intelligence community, and the vast federal bureaucracy. It is difficult to tell to what extend these un-American and even anti-American actors have penetrated the actual armed forces, but seeing as they functionally took over the FBI and the CIA, it is unreasonable to think that they were significantly less successful in the Air Force, the Army, or the Navy.

At this point in time America is not ready for a major military action; it is internally divided and the massive cleanup of its civil, law enforcement, and military structures has only just begun. America needs time. It needs time to allow its immune system to kill and expel the treasonous elements that have penetrated it, that have been feasting upon it ever since president Reagan left office in 1988.

Examined from this perspective, president Trump’s actions come into clearer focus. He is undermining the Chinese economy with punitive tariffs, containing both Iran and North Korea with a combination of sanctions and a willingness to talk, and building strong alliances with like-minded nationalist forces from Israel to Poland. He is also rebuilding the American military so that when the day comes that major action is required, when the top command has the full trust of the Commander in Chief, there will be no one who would want to test its might in battle.

It works to America’s advantage that there is no force in the world today, not even China, chomping at the bit to take America’s place at the helm of global affairs. China would do so if forced by American weakness and inaction, an all but inevitable outcome should Trump fail to win reelection. Which is why the Chinese will wait and see. Iran is another matter. The regime cannot survive much longer under the current sanction regime and it certainly cannot survive Trump’s reelection. This makes Iran a very dangerous animal indeed. If Trump manages to bring the fight to them via both open and tacit support for dissident groups and regional enemies alike, he stands a chance of stopping the war-producing escalation that the mullahs have their hearts set on at the present. If a decisive blow is needed in the future, Trump will deliver it. For now, keeping the Iranians busy in their own back yard is the smart thing to do.

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magnus dalen June 20, 2019 at 11:26 am

It’s time for the Saudis to build a pipeline through Saudi Arabia over to the Red Sea & eliminate the need to sail past Iran…

Isolate Iran… make them irrelevant… prevent unnecessary war…


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