US Presidential Election – Turning Point For Israel

US Presidential Election - Turning Point For Israel
President Trump visit to Israel May 22-23, 2017

The lines in the sand have been drawn. If you care about Israel and its security, make no mistake that there could not be a clearer demarcation in the American presidential election than that between Donald Trump and the radical Democrats.

Bernie Sanders is anti-Israel. He cannot hide behind his being born Jewish as his statements and those with whom he associates make it clear where he stands.

Elizabeth Warren has said everything is on the table in the Middle East as has mayor Pete. And, of course, you have the other radicals who cannot be depended upon to have Israel’s back as Trump has.

Let us remind the Democrats what the realities are in the Middle East:

  • Israel is the size of the state of New Jersey
  • Israel is surrounded by Arab and Islamic countries, many of which want Israel destroyed.
  • Israel won the 6 Day War in 1967 by capturing the Golan Heights, Sinai and West Bank. Why? Because Egypt under Nasser had a military presence on the Sinai, Syria used the Golan Heights to amass its troops and shoot down into the valley at Israeli farmers, and Jordan amassed its military on the West Bank. All 3 countries were prepared for an invasion and Israel was forced to do a first strike and neutralize these 3 theatres of attack. They successfully did so. If they gave back those captured land to the 3 aggressive countries, a repeat of this attack strategy was likely to happen.
  • Israel returned the Sinai to Egypt after they signed a peace deal.
  • Israel has worked with Jordan on the West Bank issues now that they have a peace agreement.

What this tells us is that Israel is prepared to work with its Arab and Islamic neighbors if they are willing to recognize the right of Israel to exist. Is that an unreasonable demand? When you listen to the Democrat candidates, you wonder whether they really support the right of Israel to exist in an environment that will secure their safe co-existence with their neighbors.

  • Hamas has the destruction of Israel as a goal expressed in its charter.
  • Hezbollah has the destruction of Israel as a goal expressed in its charter.
  • Iran has the destruction of Israel as a matter of public policy.
  • Barack Obama as President gave Iran free reign to become the hegemonic force in the Middle East. He refused to support in any way the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009. He gave away the entire nuclear deal to Iran and got nothing in return. This left Israel with an irrational enemy emboldened to continue its rhetoric advocating the destruction of Israel. This seemed to be of no importance to Obama as it is for the radicals in the Democrat primary.

On the other hand, what do we know about Donald Trump and his policies toward Israel?

  • He recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel
  • He cut off payments to the Palestinian Authority because those taxpayer dollars
  • He reduced payments to the United Nations Refugee Program because those funds were going to Palestinian terrorist groups
  • He recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel

So, we come back to the premise of this discussion.

If you care about the safety, security, and survival of Israel here is the question:

Will you vote for Donald Trump or a Democrat, whomever it may be?

For me, this is a no-brainer, Donald Trump is the best friend Israel has had, along with Harry Truman and George W Bush.

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