They Say That Accusing Jews Of Dual Loyalty Is Anti-Semitic. I Say Real Anti-Semitism Is Making Us Choose Only One

Everyone and most of all Jews knows that we are first and foremost a nation. Denying this simple fact makes American Jews into liars and lowers them to the level of the vilest anti-Semites.

Jared Kushner, Jew, son in law, advisor, and one of the authors of the executive order banning discrimination against Jews in American universities
Copyright: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

As long as in our hearts the Jewish soul has no peace
And our eye watches Zion in the East
Then our hope yet lives
The hope of years two thousand
To be a free People
In our Land
The Land of Zion and Jerusalem

-The National Anthem of the state of Israel, composed by Naftali Hertz Imber in 1878, 70 years before Israel declared its independence. (Translation: BP)

Blow a great horn for our deliverance and raise the banner of our return from exile!
And gather us from the four corners of the Earth to our Land!
Blessed are you, our Lord, King of the Universe, who gathers in even the farthest among Israel, His People.

-From the payer of 18 blessings (Translation: BP)

Do not be timid and ashamed!
Why are you are you on bent knee, crying out in pain?!
In you will My downtrodden People find shelter
And the City (Jerusalem) shall be rebuilt!

-From the famous hymn Lecha Dodi (Go forth, my beloved!) by Rabbi Shlomo Ha’Levi Elkabetz (17th century), (Translation: BP)

If a bearded guy with a full set of male genitalia can declare himself to be female and we must all, under the penalty of death, agree that indeed he is, then certainly a boy playing with a dreidl his Jewish father gave him for Hanukkah under a tree his Christian mother decorated for Christmas can be Jewish. But he may want to rethink that spurious self-identification when he goes to college because apparently it is completely legal for American universities to discriminate on the basis of religion, which they routinely do when it comes to Christianity and Judaism, though not to Islam.

The persecution of Jewish students in the American academia, which is almost completely dominated by Jewish faculty and administration is one of the most bizarre phenomena in recent sociology and like all Jewish diaspora behaviors it stems from one thing and one thing only: fear.

American Jews, being diaspora Jews who have never had the incredible privilege of defending themselves by the force of arms, are traumatized by the deadly pogroms their recent ancestors had escaped from in Eastern Europe and of course by the Holocaust.

This trauma drives them to a trifecta of contradictory and ineffective responses, responses that make what they fear most more of a reality with every passing day. First, American Jews strive to make themselves members of the protected classes in America; they make lots of money, they join the professions, the government, the media, and the academia. In short, they gather disproportionate power. Then they use that power to act against the interests of the society that had made it possible for them to become powerful. Finally, they try to diffuse any accusations of so acting by genuflecting to the lowest and most aggressive of their enemies, the Muslims.

The pathology of this response has reached epidemic proportions in today’s America and especially in the American academia, to the point where the Trump administration could no longer turn a blind eye to the blatant discrimination and intimidation that Jewish students in American universities were exposed to by their (mostly) Jewish professors using Muslim students as their willing executioners.

Amazingly, universities are fully entitled to engage in this campaign of discrimination and intimidation as long as it is based on the students’ religion rather than ethnicity or national origin. Thus redefining “Jewish” as belonging to an ethnic group, a nation, and recognizing that Jews have a common national origin became the only way in which the blatantly anti-Semitic behavior of Jewish professors could be combatted.

But the irony doesn’t stop there. The definition of Jews as members of a well defined tribe, an ethnic group, a nation, was precisely what powerful American Jews and especially those in academia emphatically wanted to avoid. It is as if the fact that Jews were a nation was somehow a closely guarded secret, a secret that was now being exposed. Cries of “gevaldt” (Yiddish for S.O.S) flowed from every corner of liberal American Jewry, forcing one American Jew, president Trump’s son in law, issue a statement that the EO “does not define being Jewish as a nationality”. In his prepared remarks, president Trump himself was careful to say that he was glad the Jewish faith (rather than simply Jews) played an important role in his close family’s life.

Why the gevaldt, you may ask? What do American Jews care if their dirty little secret of being a nation leaks out? The answer lies in the Holocaust. Assimilated Western European Jews in France, Germany, and Austria sought to integrate into their host societies, much as the American Jews are doing today. Like their American counterparts, they did so not only successfully, but were able to reach the highest levels of power in exceedingly disproportionate numbers. When this power grab turned public sentiment against them, Western European Jewish elites decided to pull the ancient Jewish parachute cord: religious conversion. Wait a second, they said, we’re not even Jews, we’re German, and yes we have this very slightly different religion, which is not even Judaism, but the “religion of Moses” and if even that is no good, then please point out the nearest church so we can accept Jesus as our lord and savior. Whew!!!

Not so fast, said the Brownshirts. We don’t care about Jesus or Moses. You aren’t Germans, you are Jews, members of a nation that is most certainly not our nation. We know who you are and off to Dachau with you. This pathology is repeating itself in America right now. Liberal American Jews have reached the pinnacle of American power and abused that power in acting to the detriment of American interests, substantially selling America out to globalist interest controlled in no small measure by China.

Knowing this to be true and fearing retribution, American Jews, just like the German ones before them are clinging as hard as they can to the deception that being Jewish is merely a religious preference, a preference that can be abandoned at any moment. President Trump’s EO, regardless of what Mr. Kushner may say, blows the cover right off of that lie. But there is a protective mechanism that the American Jews have honed: accusations of anti-Semitism, with the latter being defined by them and them only.

As it turns out, one of the mainstays of how American Jews define anti-Semitic behavior is accusations of “dual loyalty”. Now, I don’t know if you have ever been to a synagogue, or a Jewish Community Center, or a Jewish day school, but I certainly have, so let me tell you. In every one of these institutions there are proudly displayed not one, but two flags: that of the USA and that of Israel. Of course Jews are a nation and of course they have dual loyalties. A Jew that doesn’t see the core of his Jewishness as the inseparable trifecta of the Torah, the People, and the Land, is simply no longer a Jew.

Every American Jew, if they still are Jewish, manages his dual loyalties. Some, like the Satmar Hasidim a few of whom tragically lost their lives in Jersey City last night, choose to vastly limit their involvement in American life. Others, like the US naval intelligence officer Jonathan Pollard, when faced with the choice between American and Israeli interests, choose Israel. Pollard was caught and is spending his life rotting away in prison. We can assume others managed to avoid discovery.

Many American Jews are found somewhere on this spectrum of dual loyalties, between Satmar and Pollard, but most are stepping off of it, simply assimilating into the general non-Jewish American society, melting away in the proverbial melting pot.

More Jews have traditionally chosen assimilation than those who have resisted it simply because assimilation was and still is the more expedient path. Those who do not assimilate have dual loyalties and there is nothing wrong in saying so. What is wrong is forcing them to make the choice: assimilate or leave. That choice is the essence of our current phase of anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism 3.0. As I have written yesterday, the choice in anti-Semitism 1.0 was convert or else, in anti-Semitism 2.0 it was get on that train to Auschwitz to die later or be shot on the spot, and now it is assimilate or go “home” to Israel.

Jews have made tremendous positive contributions to America ever since its independence and they have always, to varying degrees, been a part of its fabric, dual loyalties and all. Unfortunately, liberal American Jews of the last few decades, forming as they do the vast majority of American Jewry, have decided to side with America’s globalist enemies and for that all American Jews will pay a price and a heavy one at that.

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