Israel Cannot And Should Not Protect Jews In The Diaspora. It Can And Should Facilitate Their Return Home.

Israel was not created by the Zionist movement to make planet Earth, the diaspora, safe for Jews. It was created precisely by people who realized that the diaspora would NEVER be safe for Jews.

Hasidic Jews in Borough Park, Brooklyn, NYC
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The progressive globalist movement is rabidly, violently anti-Semitic in the same way, the same sense, and for the same reasons that its parents, the National Socialist (Nazi) movement and the Bolshevik movement were. What we are seeing now in areas as far removed as Malmo, Sweden and Monsey, New York is simply that progressive globalist anti-Semitism in action in jurisdictions that are under the political control of progressive globalists.

The only difference between Malmo and Monsey is one of time-space continuum. Temporally, Malmo is Monsey’s near future; whereas in Monsey Jews can still wear Hasidic garb, in Malmo wearing a small skullcap or a Star of David pendant will earn you a trip to the hospital or worse, as an intrepid reporter who had recently performed this experiment had found out. Spatially, Malmo is far from the focus of world history, while Monsey is rather close to it. These temporal and spatial differences are the only reasons that Malmo or even Europe in general are not as famous as Monsey is whenever they are the scene of violent anti-Semitism.

The reasons that are behind the hatred of the progressive globalists towards Jews are beyond the scope of this article as is the fact that in America many of the leaders of that vile movement are Jews. As we can recall, Jews were also among the most prominent leaders of early Bolshevism. What we can know for certain though is that Israel is not among those reasons, not having existed when the Nazis or the Bolsheviks came about and when they began their violent campaigns (though we must acknowledge, campaigns that were very different in both scope and consequence) against the Jews.

There are two facts that must be understood by diaspora and specifically American Jews.

First, that the progressive globalist movement is INHERENTLY anti-Semitic, that anti-Semitism is its core ideology rather than a passing phase that has anything to do with the inherent anti-Semitism of its constituent groups like blacks or Muslims. Blacks and Muslims are simply used by the progressive globalists to actually get their hands dirty with Jewish blood, just as malcontents and petty criminals were recruited by the Nazis into their Brown Shirts anti-Jewish militias.

Second, diaspora Jews should remember that Israel’s existence in no way means that Jews in the diaspora are more protected today than they have been throughout history. Israel cannot and should not protect diaspora Jews.

Israeli PM Netanyahu issued a condemnation of the anti-Semitic attack in the Monsey last night. That is all that he can do. It is unimaginable for Israel to involve itself further in the internal affairs of the State of New York or of the United States of America. If New Yorkers choose to elect progressive globalist governors and mayors and if those proceed to appoint even more rabid progressive globalist attorneys general and chiefs of police, then that is just how it is. If the American federal government chooses to refrain from invoking its right to interfere in local and state jurisdictions such as New York when those allow rampant abuses of human rights as it did in 1960’s South, then that is the choice of the American federal government. There is nothing Israel can do about that.

Nor should it. Israel was not created by the Zionist movement to make planet Earth, the diaspora, safe for Jews. It was created precisely by people who realized that the diaspora would NEVER be safe for Jews. Israel’s main mission is to provide Jews with a safe haven at home in Israel and nowhere else. Protecting Jews in the diaspora is, for Israel, both practically impossible and ideologically wrong. It is also utterly unfair to the Israeli taxpayers who should not be paying for the conscious choice their brethren in the diaspora make every day to remain there rather than repatriate to Israel and help build there a safe haven for all Jews. Israeli taxpayers are already on the hook for providing services to Jews who choose to repatriate. They certainly cannot be asked to foot the bill for those who for reasons of convenience prefer to stay in the diaspora.

Israel could have engaged in diplomatic pressure on Sweden for allowing within its borders the existence of Jew-free zones such as Malmo. It could have invited the Swedish ambassador to explain this behavior. It could have recalled its ambassador from Stockholm and expelled the Swedish one from Tel Aviv. It did none of that because how Sweden conducts its internal affairs, even when Jews are involved, is none of Israel’s business. If Swedish Jews do not like it there, they can leave, relocate, and they can do so to Israel under the auspices of the Law of Return, which has been modified in 1970 to allow anyone who has even the remotest connection to the Jewish people to come and settle there. The same applies to American Jews.

I don’t know if the fight against anti-Semitism in America will eventually be successful. I suspect that it will not be because the only way that anti-Semitism can be defeated is by defeating the progressive globalist movement and that movement can only be defeated by a stridently nationalist movement, one which itself will not be too kindly disposed towards American Jews. The fact that American Jews are at the very cutting edge of the ongoing attempt by the progressive globalists to conquer America and, as one of their leaders, president Obama, had put it “fundamentally change it”, is not going in the least unnoticed by those who oppose that agenda.

In the end, May 14, 1948 was indeed a sea change in the fortunes of world Jewry. “If you wish it, it will come true” Herzl famously remarked when people justly called him crazy for dreaming up a Jewish return to an independent Zion. “It” has come true, but only if you wish it. There is indeed a place where as a Jew you can defend yourself, but you have to wish to live there and it is not called Monsey.

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ronald pittman December 29, 2019 at 11:31 am

Perhaps I should repatriate to Israel, the “law of return” never have given it any thought, but now more than ever, it would seem to make a lot of sense. If someone could contact me with more details as to how would be very appreciated. GB and SF

Staff December 29, 2019 at 3:49 pm

If you are even a little bit serious about this, here’s all you need to know: https://www.nbn.org.il/explore-aliyah-weve-got-you-covered/?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=redirect/

Vetmike December 30, 2019 at 8:22 am

Constantine created the false narrative that ‘The Jews Killed Jesus” in the 300’s for reasons that remain obscure. That has been a black eye on the Catholic Church since. It created and allowed to fester an open boil that reeks to this day. But I cannot change that and apologies are always weak. Instead, I move forward and fight anyone who seeks to obliterate our shared Judaeo-Christian heritage.
This is one Catholic American who is willing to fight to defend my Jewish (as well as all those whom share our common beliefs) friends.


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