MiniMike Made A Fool Of Himself At The Debate And It Doesn’t Matter

The Democratic nomination is for sale and Bloomberg has the funds to buy it

MiniMike Bloomberg

I have a question for you: how many internal combustion engines do you own or operate for work? I mean do you drive to your place of employment in a non-electric vehicle? Do you drive a tractor? Do you own a bass boat? An ATV? A motorcycle? Give yourself a point for each engine that you own and two points for each engine you come in contact with for work. If your cumulative mark is between zero and one, you are overwhelmingly likely to be a Democratic voter. Anything higher, you are likely to vote Trump. In fact, your likelihood of voting Trump and your enthusiasm for this vote is directly related to your internal combustion quotient, or ICQ.

Democratic voters have low ICQ. Republican and specifically Trump voters have high ICQ. It’s as simple as that. We are in the midst, or perhaps the beginning stages of a civil war between low ICQ and high ICQ Americans. The Commander in Chief of the high ICQ army is president Trump. His counterpart will most likely be MiniMike Bloomberg.

I don’t believe that Bloomberg was in the least upset with himself for what everyone had seen as a dismal debate performance. He has more than sufficient funds to spin it any way he wants to and he is already doing just that. The debate was a win for him because his team can use the raw video to make any number of “doctored” segments that make him look like the adult in the room and his opponents as clueless children. Then it is simply a matter of spending enough money to make sure that the segments so doctored become ubiquitous and others, including the full raw video itself, all but disappear. Bloomberg has not just won this debate, he is going to win every primary debate and then simply use leftover cash to buy the nomination.

There is an old Yiddish expression: “Luft Gescheft”. Literally it means “air business”, a business that has no substance, that is built on air. Bloomberg is the undisputed all time king of luft gescheft. He took what had already been a bubble, the American equity, commodity, currency, and debt markets and created on top of them another layer of air, a layer that makes it easier for useless and often harmful people known as “traders” to speculate in the biggest casino in the world, the American financial markets.

The new postmodern digital technology yields itself very well to luft gescheft. While useful in things like engine controls and robot-assisted surgery, it is mostly used to dumb down already feeble-minded people with video games and social media networking. In this manifestation, digital silicon-based tech became the greatest ever engine for the transfer of wealth from the lower classes to the upper.

As it happens, the nitty gritty of “hitech” is rather complex. To work in it in any meaningful capacity, one must have a high level of technical education and a very strong work ethic. To become really successful in it, a strong entrepreneurial instinct must be added to the technological know how. Needless to say, only a relative few are capable of this and hitech has made many of them well-off and a few of them fabulously rich. It also made the others much poorer.

Before you start attacking me with nonsense like the inevitability of technological progress and how it always benefits the poor in the long run, let me mention to you that the previous technological breakthrough, the one involving first steam and then petroleum, worked completely the opposite way. That particular tech breakthrough transferred wealth from the rich to the poor and created what we know of today as the middle class. Whereas before the industrial revolution wealth resided with nobility, financiers, professionals, and highly skilled artisans, after it this wealth started flowing to folks who were reasonably good with their hands and could follow simple instructions.

Bloomberg is not going to hide his disdain for farmers or other high ICQ people. He knows that they are not his voters all things being equal. What he will try and do is make things unequal. He will attempt to bribe as many of them as he can with promises of cash for “retraining programs” and the like. He has not an iota of faith in coal miners learning to code, but he will offer ten grand to any coal miner who tries and see if that is enough to buy his vote. Bloomberg will attempt to buy enough of these votes to not lose rural Pennsylvania badly enough to offset his certain victory in greater Philadelphia. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.

Bloomberg is the historically correct Democratic nominee. He is correct because the Democratic party has chosen to become the party of low ICQ, the party of cubicle dwellers hopped on caffeine, stoned on grass, and addicted to video games. The vast majority of these people do not do anything remotely useful. In fact, if they all stopped coming to work and switched to consuming their ground up bug protein, caffeine, and THC mixture at home while playing video games, it would save the “economy” a lot of money. This is the origin of the “universal income” concept; it makes sense to pay people to stay home if what they actually do at “work” has negative added value.

The globalist high command of the low ICQ hordes has been hard at work, of course, inculcating in us the idea that low ICQ tech is “hitech” and that anything that is metal rather than silicon-based is obsolete. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. The silicon technology is rapidly approaching its hard limits, while no replacement is anywhere is sight for any of the metal technologies, including the much maligned internal combustion engine and its cousin the gas turbine and its many variants. Our electrical power storage tech is pitiful and relies on aptly named rare earth elements. It is nowhere near ready for prime time and it likely never will be.

The replacement of high ICQ labor by robots is another disinformation and demotivation campaign by the low ICQ propaganda command. The best advice I would give a young person today is become a welder and if they are so inclined, an underwater welder. They will start at 70 too 100k at age 20 and go up from there. No robots will be replacing them anytime in their lifetimes, though they will be using automation to make their work easier and less prone to defects.

Finally, it may not be a bad idea to belabor the obvious: low ICQ life is slavery. High ICQ life is freedom. Living in a big city working in a cubicle is really a fate worse than death. Should there be the slightest disruption, the merest hint of catastrophe, your low ICQ life will simply, quietly, pathetically, come to an end. Perhaps some guys in bio suits will discover your body at some point, but that is really the best you can hope for. See China for examples of what I am talking about here.

It is true that the low ICQ armies of luft gescheft have lots of cash because our money is nothing but ones and zeros, in other words, just another manifestation of the fake bubble of financial prosperity. High ICQ’ers have less cash. President Trump’s net worth, roughly 5% of MiniMike’s is a good illustration of that point. But we are about to discover something in the upcoming general election that may take everyone by surprise; there is still something that most Americans love more than money and that thing is work. Real, meaningful work. Work that will actually physically hurt someone if it goes undone. It feels good to have work like that in a way that no amount of money can replace, no drug can sublimate. It feels good to own a real home on real land instead of a condo. It feels good to drive a real truck with a real engine that can take you anywhere. It feels good to teach your son how to drive a tractor or dock a powerboat so it gently kisses the dock. There are people who feel that it all has to end. We, high ICQ folks have finally found someone who is not afraid to tell them what they can do with their feelings.

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