Author : Ana Rodrigues

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Ana is a translator & Analyst! She has worked with companies like Ericsson, Hyundai, Arab Emirates Airlines, Nokia, Swedish Institute, Volkswagen, Etc. She is a native speaker of French and Portuguese, fluently speaks both Japanese and English and has delved in a variety of different languages. She also writes her own books, although she still hasn't published any, she successfully concluded 3 nanowrimos, later refined, with such titles as G-d was a Computer Programmer, G-d was a Sociopath ( she was an atheist back when she wrote those books). Ana loves learning new things, she considers herself a linguist, to the extent that she will learn all languages, from computer languages and mathematics to Japanese. She is currently learning Hebrew and looking into moving to Israel. She has a great passion for life and justice and is dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of Islamic terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, denouncing all forms of anti-Semitism, from the left, to the right. She is also determined to raise awareness about historical truths often veiled by those that write it.

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