“Real Artists Paint Blue”

Digital Exhibition  

Despite the situation in the world, artists continue to create and share their work with everyone, as the saying goes — “The Show Must Be Go On”.  The “ Kidum Omanut-Art” Unlimited Association of Artists, founded in 2013, presents a digital exhibition of Israeli contemporary artists. We decided to name the exhibition “Real Artists Paint Blue”.  

Our Concept — “Real Artists Paint Blue” — was not chosen by chance.  Blue is the color of the Israeli flag,  of the sky, of the water in which life was born, of an eye, and it’s the symbol of spiritual purity. Blue is a divine color and right now, in these difficult days of solitude, it is very important to understand the necessity of purifying for everyone, not only the nature surrounding us, but also our souls. 

This concept found an echo in the hearts of our artists and we decided to dedicate the exhibition to the main national holiday of Israel (celebrated annually in memory of the proclamation of the State of Israel) — Independence Day, because blue is also the color of our flag – our symbol.

Independence Day is one of the most important and fun holidays that we celebrate on a large scale in our country. Grand processions, carnivals, concerts and festivities are held in all the cities. Smoke from barbecues spread out of the parks and even small squares. From the windows of the houses and cars, as well as on the streets, blue and white flags are flapping in the breeze.

A festive atmosphere reigns everywhere and people are having fun and walking until the morning.  And finally by the end of a day, the night sky is illuminated with the flashes of grandiose salute. This is the usual picture of our Independence Day; but not this time. Due to the pandemic, the holiday was canceled.  It is forbidden to leave the house.  All events are canceled and each of us celebrates a holiday with our family.  Therefore, for us – artists, it is so important to devote this exhibition to Independence Day.    

Enjoy your viewing.

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