“Twice in a Lifetime” – Dalia Meraiot

Front Cover of Dalia Meraiot’s “Twice in a lifetime.” The book is offered in Hebrew and can be found through Meraiot’s website. Screenshot taken from: dalia-meraiot.com

What do the moments of our final exit hide and contain? Is there a way to die well? Can one die at the nadir of goodness? Is there a last personal request and are we entitled to it?

On our deathbed we give our families final and explicit instructions on how should we be buried and the words to be inscribed on our tombstone to commemorate our worldly existence. We even draw up an explicit will, dealing with how to dispose of our property. However, in those last moments before the final farewell, we do not discuss this most important matter.

What do those final moments conceal when we remain alone? Where do our thoughts wander? Is it possible to depart this world full of pitfalls with pleasant feelings, perhaps even with exaltation? Will those final thoughts be able to assist us further along our path leading to higher spheres?

Great and crucial power is concealed in those last moments before parting and it is most important that everything should be clear-cut and without confusion. With the help of Dalia’s Meraiot’s book we shall discover the essence and core of our existence in that miraculous final moment, helping us pass away in an astonishing manner.

Such extraordinary moments occur twice in a lifetime; one in the course of our life, and the second at its end.

In the book Twice in a Lifetime by Dalia Meraiot we shall discover those exceptional moments which enable us to leave this world in a perfect and full manner, cherishing and remembering those moments forever.

The book contains twelve inspiring stories and in each one of them you can find those extraordinary moments of leaving this world in a perfect manner. “Seter” is a hidden teacher, who appears suddenly and vanishes quickly, but defines the way towards the possibility for every individual to sense that extraordinary moment. In this miraculous moment the individual discovers the core of his life, its magic and the very essence of his existence.

Dalia Meraiot was born in Israel and is at the forefront of the advancement of under-privileged African women. Sent as an Israeli army officer on behalf of the Israeli Foreign Office and Ministry of Defense, Dalia travelled to the Ivory Coast to assist in the establishment of a Women’s Corps in that country. She has spent considerable time with Sanofi tribes who dwell in the jungle in the Ivory Coast of West-Africa.

Dalia has also spent time with the Koji tribes of Colombia, with tribes in the Araku Valley, Sierra Nevada in North Colombia, the Hallelujah tribes in Guyana, and the Amarindians in Guyana, South America. 

Dalia has also experienced periods of seclusion: in the Judean desert, in Natufah, a hermitage in the Galilee, both found in Israel; in the Santa Catherina Monastery in Sinai, Egypt; and the Bahaduri village in the Maharashtra district in India. She instructs “walking on fire”.

Dalia is a multidisciplinary artist as she instructs, teaches and creates. She is mother of four, lives in Sde Boker in the Negev. She created “Giliya’s Path”, a unique path which can be taken by everyone. She published the book “Hishamah, the day I choose to come into the world”, and the “Giliyah” pages that bring joy. Her sculptural creation “Between the Spiritual and the Material”, is displayed in Israel and all over the world. Dalia has studied ancient astrology and is an MA graduate (cum laude) of the Tel Aviv University in the History of Art and Philosophy, studied at the Technion in Haifa, Dalia and lectures on the history of art at the “Nazional” University in Bogota, Colombia.

Twice in a Lifetime, 253 pages, price: Shekels 87.

Feel free to read more at Meraiot’s website.

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