“Signals,” A Tel Aviv Exhibition By Motti Mizrahi And Shuki Kook

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The following excerpt was written by exhibition curator and artist Shuki Kook

The word “signal,” also as a signaling verb, is an agreed and defined sign for transmitting information, and opens up endless directions of thinking. Recruited objects, from different spheres of life, are used in changing compositions, taking us observers to near and far districts of association, beginning with Motti’s original idea, while continuing on in our private minds and our own way of understanding where new meanings are found.

Working in the studio with the philosophical content led to a series of stand-alone compositions, which present “signals” and compose within me treasures of societal content, which are in discussion with my social and political thoughts…

The installations take the form of collages, built from a bank of images that we created in a special and high-quality way, telling stories of Israeli existence as points of thought built into a “signal”…

The “collages,” created using Photoshop, also speak to my thoughts on what it means to be Israeli today. “Signals” such as the salt of the earth, power building, oil and tomatoes, a gun and a flower, salted fish, all were constructed with original forms of meaning but they still allow for the observer to diverge into new understandings.

A series of prints, an edition of only four will be presented as “A Quarter After the Corona”, a dialogue between signals and images…

Motti Mizrahi and Shuki Kook, two people, two points of view.

Curator of the exhibition: Shuki Kook

Mizrachi’s Facebook: Motti Mizrachi

Exhibition Visiting Hours: Sundays through Thursdays between 10:00 to 17:00

Gallery Website

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