“New Life,” A Tel Aviv Exhibition At The Russian Cultural Center

The purpose of the “New Life” exhibition was to promote artists and contribute to the development of culture and art.

The following is an excerpt from artist and curator of the “New Life” exhibition, Ella Rosenberg...

The exhibition “New Life” was held in mid-July at the Russian Cultural Center (RCC) in Tel Aviv.

Painting by Michal Avrech

Most of the artists who participated in the exhibition were not only excellent art teachers in public and private educational institutions, but also magnificent artists who find the time and energy to create their own works.

Sculptures by Batyah Gazit

“New Life” was an exhibition dedicated to the end of the school year.

Painting by Hana Raviv

The name “New Life” was not chosen by chance.

As a result of the tragic pandemic that befell our world, our life has changed and continues to change, especially in the field of education.

Painting by artist and exhibition curator, Ella Rosenberg

However, there is a silver lining.

In just over one year, we have learned to live in a new way; to work and study remotely. A lot of free time freed up as well as the opportunity to delve into one’s inner world.

And, as always in difficult times, amazing works of art are born -a muse and a desire to create is discovered.

The purpose of this exhibition was to promote artists and contribute to the development of culture and art.

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