“Sparkles,” A Solo Exhibition By Anat Ben-Ezra Solo Exhibition

Her work combines multiple techniques and artistic contexts, merging the fantastic and the mysterious into daily realities

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Ben-Ezra’s impressive sculptures, currently displayed at the Island Hotel overlooking Netanya’s coastline, encapsulate the realistic sculpturing tradition.

Netanya skyline. Netanya is the seventh largest city in Israel. Image credits: James Emery

The artist’s work is saturated with strength and sensitivity and full of motion and expression.

With great talent and with a wide array of techniques, Anat brings life to the inanimate material. She builds an arsenal of characters, each with its unique story.

A health crisis Ben-Ezra had experienced left her with physical and emotional pain of which remnants are captured in her work .

The facial expressions of the sculptured objects expose their vulnerability amidst external chaos, revealing the artists immense sensitivity.

Her work combines multiple techniques and artistic contexts, merging the fantastic and the mysterious into daily realities.

Past and present blend into a cosmic connection, free and intuitive.

In this exhibition, the seam line between realism and fantasy surges into sculptures with multiple details and meanings.

Authentic to herself, Ben-Ezra doesn’t ‘go with the flow’ and always explores ways to express and innovate. Ben-Ezra sees in art the wish to express the good and the beautiful that exists in our world and in our lives.

From her inner world and through her feminine style Ben-Ezra shares two worlds: one of fantasy, spirituality and dreams, and another of realism and pragmatism.

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Ben-Ezra is developing her personal style, sculpting series of works that feature the unique artistic language she has developed.

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