A Possible Failure By The IDF Allowed This Morning’s Killing Spree In Samaria

An Arab terrorist managed to stab an IDF soldier on duty and steal his weapon then go on a killing spree that claimed the life of one soldier and severely wounded two civilians.

Sergeant First Class Kaydan who was murdered this morning by an Arab terrorist. May HaShem avenge his blood.
Source: Ynet

The incident took place at 09:44 this morning Israel time, when a terrorist appeared in the center square of the largest city in Samaria, Ariel. He advanced to a bus stop which was supposed to be guarded by two IDF troops, stabbed one of them and took his M16 rifle. With the rifle, he was able to fire at the other soldier near him, at a group of soldiers across the street and several passing vehicles. There were two more troops on guard duty across the street, but they took no action. This is now being investigated by the IDF.

The terror act resulted in one Israeli murdered and two critically to fatally wounded. Among them is Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, 47, father of twelve children, who was in one of the passing cars. He chambered a round in his pistol, but was shot before he could fire it. The terrorist took over a vehicle belonging to a foreign national who identified himself as such and was not harmed. He then drove away and shot at a group of youths, severely wounding one of them.

At this moment, large forces of the IDF are continuing their search for the terrorist. As is common in these cases, the Islamic Jihad and the Hamas have expressed joy at the terror act and praised the terrorist.

The soldier who was killed has been identified as Sergeant First Class Gal Kaydan, a combat soldier in the “Fire” artillery battalion. He will be buried today in the military cemetery in Be’er Sheva.

May the Lord avenge his blood.

The Rabbi is still in near fatal condition, while the youth is in the operating room and his life is still in danger.

This is a developing story.

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