Two Iranians Caught In Argentina With Fake Israeli Passports

Sajed Samiel Nasrani and the materials taken by Argentinian authorities
Source: Ynet

A bizarre story is developing over the last few days in Buenos Aires, where two Iranian citizens, Sajed Samiel Nasrani (27) and Mashura Sabzali (30) were arrested with fake Israeli passports in the names of Netanel and Rivka Toledano. The fake passports were not particularly well made and contained several visible typos, but the numbers were real and belonged to real Israeli passports that were stolen from an Israeli couple Bridget and David Asulin.

Mashura Sabzali
Source: Ynet

The passports were suspected as fake at the Buenos Aires airport, but the couple was allowed to enter Argentina. Upon confirmation by Israeli authorities that the passports were indeed fake, an investigation was opened by the Argentinian anti-terror authorities, which led to the Iranians arrest after they had switched three hotel rooms in as many days. They were arrested in their hotel room where they identified as an architect and a photographer.

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The Iranians made an 85 second phone call to a local number. Since they do not speak Spanish, the number is assumed to belong to a Farsi speaker. The suspects’ phones are now in police custody, where the encryption on the Android device has already been broken, while the i-OS phone is still secure.

Buenos Aires is home to a large Iranian community and the site of the horrific March 17th,1992 Iranian terror attack on the Israeli embassy, an attack which led to the death of 29 people.

This story is being followed by the Israeli news resource ynet.co.il.

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