Major Failures Found In IDF’s Largest Training Base

As the IDF General Staff orders inspections of all major bases, results are not always what they should be

The Desert Reconnaissance Battalion of the Paratrooper Brigade conducts exercises at the Tze’elim training center
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Serious failures of military discipline have been found during a scheduled inspection of Tze’elim, IDF’s largest training base for ground forces. The inspection was performed by deputy Chief of General Staff, Major General Eyal Zamir. Its serious findings led to the immediate suspension from duty of the chief NCO in the base.

The inspection came as a result of Chief of General Staff Lt. General Kochavi’s order that 180 IDF bases undergo such inspections, focusing primarily on military regulations, operational discipline, and adherence to safety regulations.

At Tze’elim, Israeli flag flying on the flag post was torn, the base itself, including bathrooms and toilets, was filthy, standing orders that pertain to the daily routine in the base were not observed, and financial reporting was neglected and inaccurate, among many other failings.

These failings and departures from regulations are thought to be particularly egregious because the inspection had been scheduled in advance with plenty of time given to correct any shortcomings.

The IDF has long been known to neglect aspects of non-combat discipline and these series of inspections with serious consequences for career military personnel is meant to send the message that the current General Staff considers non-combat discipline an essential part of combat readiness for the Israel Defense Forces.

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