BREAKING: International Criminal Court In The Hague To Open An Investigation Into Alleged “War Crimes” Perpetrated By Israel Against The Arab Population in Judea, Samaria, And Jerusalem

In an action destined to failure, the kangaroo court known as the International Criminal Court of Justice decides to investigate Israel for “war crimes”

Fatou Bensouda, the ICC prosecutor who has decided that Israel committed war crimes
Copyright: Deputy_Prosecutor.jpg: Max Koot Studioderivative work: César [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

At the end of a five-year (!) investigation, the aptly named special prosecutor Fatou Bensouda of the International Criminal Court in the Hague (ICC) concluded today that there are grounds to investigate alleged “war crimes” committed by Israeli authorities against the “Palestinian people” in the “West Bank” and in “East Jerusalem”.

Normally, this pronouncement by a widely discredited kangaroo court would have merited little mention, but such an investigation, should it ever actually commence, would carry with it subpoenas issued to Israelis in active and reserve military service, subpoenas that can never be honored for obvious reasons including those of national security. Ignoring the subpoenas, however, can prove to be a headache to Israelis traveling abroad and especially to and even through Western Europe on their way to other destinations. Since Western Europe is a popular destination for Israelis and since its main airports often serve as hubs for Israelis traveling to the Far East and the Americas, this can become a problem as Israeli officers and government officials may be subject to detainment without warning on the basis of the ICC action.

To avoid these complications, the office of the Attorney General Mandelblit has issued a legal opinion detailing why the ICC has no jurisdiction to investigate anything in the aforementioned territories, making it clear that Israel will not only not cooperate with the ICC investigation, but impede it to the best of its ability by preventing “investigators” from entering territories under Israeli civilian or military control.

Somewhat paradoxically, the small Western European countries that are the most stridently anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic and thus are among the most ardent supporters of the ICC and its anti-Israeli stance, are also the countries that depend the most on the cooperation of the Israeli security services in thwarting Muslim terror attacks against their own civilians on their own soil. These countries, among them Ireland, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium are too small to maintain effective security services of their own and in any case they are completely compromised by diversity hires who work in their security apparatus as double agents for the Muslim terrorists. This presents these countries with a rather unusual dilemma: appease their militantly anti-Semitic and increasingly Muslim populations and suffer devastating terror attacks or cooperate with Israel and pay the price of not impeding Israeli interests in ways that are so blatant as to be intolerable.

This dilemma will be doubtlessly exacerbated by the ICC decision, but history teaches us that as is often the case the Arab exultation arising from this decision will be premature. Israel has sufficient security, economic, and, with the help of the Trump administration, political leverage to nullify any real world consequences of this warrantless and illegal action by an illegitimate and long-discredited institution.

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