IDF Has Begun Recruitment For Its New “Multidimensional Unit”

In a climate of political uncertainty and frozen budgets Chief of Staff Kochavi enacts his vision of a more nimble, more lethal IDF

Soldiers of the elite Yahalom combat engineering unit train in close quarters fighting
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The IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi has long been articulating his vision for both the rapidly changing challenges that are now confronting Israel and the ways in which the IDF should be reformed to meet these challenges.

One of these solutions, a classified new force now known only as the Multidimensional Unit started recruiting for its ranks last week. The unit will recruit from existing forces and will include fighter pilots, elements from the Duvdevan commando unit that specializes in infiltration of Arab civilian populations by soldiers who speak fluent Arabic and are disguised as Arabs, as well as personnel from cyber warfare and electronic surveillance units. The Yahalom specialized combat engineering unit and the Oketz K-9 unit will also contribute personnel. Finally, elite infantry units: the Golani reconnaissance battalion and the Nahal special forces platoon will provide the necessary commando capabilities.

The new unit will be plugged into real time intelligence and target banks at the divisional level and will serve as the first responder to a variety of complex situations that require immediate response and stabilization before larger, more traditional units can be deployed.

While recruitment is ongoing, tactical deployment will have to wait for budget approvals that are now in limbo due to Israel’s political stalemate and the “frozen” budget under which the caretaker government has been operating for nearly a year.

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