Video Of Failed IDF Drone Strike On Hezbollah Vehicle On Lebanese Border

Video Of Failed IDF Drone Strike On Hezbollah Vehicle On Lebanese Border
A picture of a Hezbollah sign over the highway in South Lebanon near the Litani River

Rare footage of an Israeli drone strike on Hezbollah Wednesday has appeared on the web.

“An Israeli drone first struck near a car transporting Hezbollah members,” the source said, asking for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press, reported AFP.

“The passengers got out before it was then directly hit in a second strike,” the source said, but there were no casualties.

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Show me April 19, 2020 at 12:16 am

It looks like there was a dud missile strike with a broken windshield and the the round must have blown up a minute or so later.
People bailed out and the , probably dumbly, came back for their bags. Really hadprd to say what happened, if missile strike or propaganda video,
Maybe even assassination attempt by someone in a struggle for power in the organization, then explosion.
Really, if drone strike, would they use just one missile, or two. Granted, missiles, likely Hellfire or similar variant are expensive. I don’t know how much, probably 100 k dollars per round, I’m guessing, but if it was a real attempt to eliminate someone, Probably wouldn’t be a minute delay, but like a few seconds.


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