Hamas Chief Vows Major “Armed Resistance” If Trump’s Deal Of The Century Implemented

Hamas Chief Vows Major "Armed Resistance" If Trump's Deal Of The Century Implemented
Khaled El-Hamedi recieving the Medal of Courage from Ismaeil Haneiah
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Despite making barely a blip amid the flood international coronavirus crisis headlines, a number of huge developments have rocked the Israeli-Palestine issue, bringing the world nearer an explosion of violence not seen since the second Intifada which ended in 2005.

Earlier this week the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas announced thatall prior agreements with the United States and Israel are now null and void, including any and all prior ‘security agreements’ with the state of Israel, such as the historic Oslo Accords, and most alarmingly all local security arrangements and any ground-level cooperation.

Days following on Thursday Hamas issued its own dramatic warning, vowing to “confront” the “Zionist-American” plot to annex major parts of the occupied West Bank, especially the Jordan Valley, with “armed military resistance”

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