The Rockets Continue To Rain Down In Ashkelon

Tsionizm has reported onsite from Ashkelon multiple times since the 2014 Gaza War. We outlined the story of Ella Rozenberg, an art teacher in Ashkelon, who had to bring her kids to the bathroom and close the door as rockets fell around her. We followed up with Ella a few years later when the rockets from Gaza flew again into Israeli territory.

I was rocketed in neighboring Sderot in 2014 while covering the Gaza conflict. If you watch the video, you can see a war crime take place, as shrapnel from a Katyusha rocket shred a grandmother’s home, where her grandchildren had been playing a few moments before the alarm sounded.

The rockets are now flying in Ashkelon again, as the Palestinians target civilians, a war crime.

Israeli jets responded over the weekend to the attacks.

Israeli jets and helicopters carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip overnight Saturday-Sunday, hours after a rocket was fired from the enclave at the southern city of Ashkelon, striking an empty warehouse, reported The Times of Israel.

The predawn Israeli raids targeted Hamas military installations, the army said, including “two rocket manufacturing sites, underground infrastructure and a training facility for the Hamas terror group’s naval force.”

The rocket attack came at roughly 9:30 p.m., setting off sirens in Ashkelon and the industrial zone just south of the city, an area where tens of thousands of people live, the military said.

The Palestinians do not want peace. They want to kill Jews.

Middle East peace must be imposed and the instruments of terror, like Hamas, must be dismantled.

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