Israel Sends Second “Iron Dome” Missile Battery To US, With Hope For More Sales

The second shipment of two of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-air missile defense system prior to being loaded onto a ship to be sent to the United States in January 2021. Screenshot taken from YouTube

The Israeli Ministry of Defense delivered another Iron Dome missile battery to the United States Army this weekend, with hopes of further sales to the U.S. in the future.

With the goal of defending American troops in the field from airborne missile attack, the Army purchased two systems in August, 2019, with the first arriving last September.

“I am confident that the system will assist the US Army in protecting American troops from ballistic and airborne threats as well as from developing threats in the areas where US troops are deployed on various missions,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in a statement,” reported the Times of Israel.

Released by the Spokeswoman and Information Department of Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the second shipment of the Iron Dome System can be seen loaded onto a ship for subsequent delivery to the U.S.

With the first system currently being activated in the U.S., the Iron Dome has been developed and used in Israel for nearly a decade to defend Israeli citizens against short-range rocket attacks from terror forces in the Gaza Strip and also along the Israeli-Syrian border.

The surface-to-air defense system apparently saw 86% effectiveness in 2019 when facing around 700 rockets fired from Gaza in just a few days, reported Zero Hedge.

The defense system is comprised of launchers and missiles manufactured by Rafael Advanced Systems Ltd., command-and-control centers developed by mPrest and the radar array made by the ELTA defense contractor, wrote Times of Israel.

Developed in part by Raytheon, a major U.S. military defense contractor, the system has been trumpeted by The Jewish State as one of, if not the most advanced short range missile defense systems available.

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