Israel Strikes Iranian Military Research Facility With Drone

The Parchin military base outside of Tehran, Iran. Screenshot taken from Apple Maps

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Israeli drones struck a military research facility outside of Tehran last Wednesday, the New York Times reports.

Initially reported as an “industrial accident” by Iranian authorities, unnamed Iranian sources told the New York Times that several unmanned aircraft exploded into an Iranian drone development building used by the Ministry of Defense. One engineer was killed and another person was injured.

Initially labeling the attack an accident, Iranian authorities later changed course and labeled the incident an attack, branding the researcher who was killed as a martyr.

Just a few days prior to the attack on Parchin, a colonel of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was shot and killed in Tehran outside of his home. Telling US authorities of the assassination, the Israelis considered the attack a warning to Iran to cease targeting Israeli citizens around the globe.

“Israel and Iran are increasingly pushing the boundaries in their long-running clandestine war, and the targeting of a drone research facility at Parchin follows a pattern of Israel trying to counter Iran’s growing drone capabilities,” The New York Times writes.

Continually bettering its design, manufacturing and transport of drones and parts to allies around the Middle East, Iranian drones have been used to attack an array of targets including: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and the United States.

Israel has been heavily concentrated on identifying and eliminating Iranian and Iranian-allied drones as these drones can evade Israel’s antimissile systems such as the famous Iron Dome.

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