REPORT: Israel Had Oct 7 Hamas Attack Plan A Year In Advance

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Israeli intelligence had the Hamas Oct 7 attack plan a year in advance, but did not act on it.

Tsionizm/CDM has reported extensively on IDF members confirming they informed leadership there was a problem, but nothing was done; in fact, lower-ranking members of the military trained to surveil Gaza were told to be quiet or they would be jailed.

We have consistently asked if this attack was ‘allowed’ to happen, and reported on our suspicion the Israeli people are being used in this war, just as the citizens of Gaza, and Americans if you will.

The citizens of Ukraine are feeling this globalist push for war as well.

The explanation from Israeli officials on our recent trip in-country details a ‘lack of connecting the dots’.

The 40-page blueprint — dubbed the “Jericho Wall” by Israeli officials — mapped out major details of the invasion that led to the deadliest day in Israel’s history, but did not specify a date for when such an attack would be launched, the New York Times reported Thursday, citing documents, emails and interviews.

Officials would not say how they obtained the Jericho Wall document, but records show it was widely circulated among Israeli military and intelligence leaders over the last year, most of whom dismissed the expansive plans as beyond Hamas’ capabilities, reported the New York Post.

At least one veteran analyst with Unit 8200, Israel’s signals intelligence agency, warned in July that the terrorist group had been conducting a training exercise that mirrored “the content of Jericho Wall,” including shooting down Israeli aircraft, taking over a military training base and killing its cadets.

Her concerns were shot down by a colonel in the Gaza division, the entity tasked with patrolling the border, who said it was part of a “totally imaginative” scenario, not an indication of Hamas’s ability to pull it off before telling the analyst to “wait patiently.”

Sounds like ‘safe and effective’ to us.

You can read the NY Post article here.

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MCS December 2, 2023 at 1:08 pm

Not buying it… this article does not confirm anything regarding Israel knowing in advance. Crazy to even consider Israel would risk such a thing knowing them as I do. BS.


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