UPDATE: Hundreds Of Projectiles Launched At Israel From Iran, Minimal Damage

Image by Mostafa Tehrani

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Israeli sources to the NYT: Iran launched a total of 331 missiles and UAVs

The Iranian airstrike is over. After a long and tense night, the attack came to an end and as we can see at the moment – it gave the opening signal for an official confrontation between Israel and Iran, in what is yet to escalate and develop into a real war.

IDF spokesperson:

Two hundred missiles were launched at Israel. The vast majority of them were intercepted, some outside the country’s borders. There are more cruise missiles that have not yet arrived. So far, minor damage to a base in the Negev.

Israel intercepted 100 ballistic missiles, reported independent journalist Amir Tsarfait.

UPDATE: As President Joe Biden heads back to the White House after spending part of the weekend in Delaware as Iran pounds the skies over Israel with missiles and Mideast airspace has closed across the region, Israel has reported its first casualty. 

A 10-year-old boy was severely injured by interceptor shrapnel.

Blasts are heard and sirens are blaring across Jerusalem as missiles and drones enter Israeli airspace.

CNN is now reporting that “the Iran mission to the UN says the attack retaliates for Israel’s attack on Iranian consulate and ‘can be deemed concluded.’”


The White House on Saturday released a written response to Iran’s attacks on Israel. 

“Iran has begun an airborne attack against Israel.  President Biden is being regularly updated on the situation by his national security team and will meet with them this afternoon at the White House.  His team is in constant communication with Israeli officials as well as other partners and allies,” stated Adrienne Watson, the National Security Council Spokesperson. “This attack is likely to unfold over a number of hours.  President Biden has been clear: our support for Israel’s security is ironclad.  The United States will stand with the people of Israel and support their defense against these threats from Iran,” she added. 

Iran has launched an attack against Israel with dozens of drones, according to the Axios news site.

Drones are assessed to take several hours to cover such a distance, reported The Times of Israel.

There is no immediate statement from the IDF on the attack.

Iran has threatened to attack Israel over the killing of seven IRGC members, including two generals, in Syria’s Damascus last week

Zero Hedge has good running timeline…

*Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu*

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this evening (Saturday, 13 April 2024) [translated from Hebrew]:

“Citizens of Israel,

In recent years, and especially in recent weeks, Israel has been preparing for a direct attack by Iran.

Our defensive systems are deployed; we are ready for any scenario, both defensively and offensively. The State of Israel is strong. The IDF is strong. The public is strong.

We appreciate the US standing alongside Israel, as well as the support of Britain, France and many other countries.

We have determined a clear principle: Whoever harms us, we will harm them. We will defend ourselves against any threat and will do so level-headedly and with determination.

Citizens of Israel, I know that you also are also level-headed. I call on you to follow the directives of IDF Home Front Command.

Together we will stand and with G-d’s help – together we will overcome all of our enemies.”

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LongTimeTexan April 13, 2024 at 5:24 pm

You can bet that the feckless demented slow Joe doesn’t have a clue what to do. The decisions will all be left up to someone else. I doubt that the clown Joe can even find Israel on a map.
The two absolute dumbest most brain dead feckless inept incompetent

least self aware incapable morally bankrupt and totally clueless persons on the
entire planet are now president and vice president (at times senile Biden
isn’t sure which is which) running this country, all due to a rigged

Rich April 13, 2024 at 8:22 pm

Nice rant, sad but true….

Seth April 13, 2024 at 5:28 pm

Israel is about to put a world of hurt on Iran.
This could spill over.
If Trump were president, one phone call to Iran to back down would end this. Unfortunately, a weak man is in the White House.
Mess with the bull and Iran will get the horns.

Every American April 13, 2024 at 6:17 pm

Biden is the dumbest dumbshit to ever usurp the White House and he’s our commander in chief. God help us all.

darkoss April 13, 2024 at 7:31 pm

All the little snot-nosed punks who voted for bidumb will now get to enjoy the draft as the military lost 30% of its capacity.

Çâşëğ April 13, 2024 at 10:06 pm

Bibi needs to fallow Begin. And done what he had done to Iraqi nuclear plant. Time for Bibi to grow a pair and destroy Iran’s nuclear program. The world may get upset initially. But they will appreciate latter as it was in Iraq.


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