In The Darwinian Struggle For Supremacy The Judeo-Christian West Always Wins

Cultures are no different than species; they compete for survival and there are winners and losers.

Charles Darwin
Copyright: Maull&Polyblank [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Most of us may have forgotten, but the first “science” hoax that we were required to blindly believe in by our totalitarian globalist Marxist masters was not the ridiculous idea that earth’s climate is affected mostly by cow farts, nor the even more ridiculous notion that alone among all mammals humans can change their sex at will. No, the first one, the trial case so to speak, was evolution. As the first bullet to be fired in the war on the independence of human spirit, a war that Marxists have been waging ever since they won their first big victory in Russia in 1917, evolution had several advantages. First of all, it is a real scientific theory, though quite a clumsy one, that is supported by real empirical evidence. Second, it is roughly the same age as Marxism itself, so by the time it was being pushed as religious dogma by American progressives in the 1950’s it’s been kicking around for almost a century. Most importantly, though, it was a theory that ran directly afoul of Biblical teachings, specifically, one of the most crucial of Biblical teachings: humanity’s Divine origin. The Bible teaches us that God made us in His image. That we are different from animals because he endowed us with an immortal soul. That this soul makes each and every one of us, from the moment that the egg is fertilized by the sperm a unique Human; a person made in His image, endowed with rights that come from Him and that no other human being, neither our mother nor our sovereign, can deprive us of without due process. All our freedoms, all our rights of free speech, free assembly, free association, free business dealings, our right to stand our ground in the face of aggression, our right to slay our attackers before they slay us, our right to choose who we live with, who we form tribes with, who we let inside our walls and who we keep out, all that makes us human comes from the belief in our Divine origins.

Unfortunately, all of these rights run afoul of the Marxist agenda, which is not and has never been economic. Centrally planned economies and government ownership of the majority of the means of production are the norm, not the exception, in all of human history. Since the first irrigation canals were dug in Sumeria six thousand years ago, only the State had the resources required to dig them and only the state the military could protect the grain warehouses. Only the government priests knew how to design the canal systems and when to plant the crops. In the West today, for our elites, among the many illusions and hoaxes that they use to keep us in check, arguably the most successful one is the hoax of privately owned business. In fact, private business, on any scale, simply does not exist anymore. When the government tells you how much insurance to buy, how much to pay your employees, where to put your fire extinguishers, when the government forces you to cater to customers whom you do not wish to cater to, when every aspect of what you do from whom you buy your raw materials from to whom you can or cannot sell your finished product is regulated by the government, you are not a private business. You are an indirect government employee, who, unlike those directly employed by the government, works much harder, assumes much more financial risk, and receives no pension or benefits.

Karl Marx
Copyright: John Jabez Edwin Mayal [Public domain]

No, the main Marxist innovation is not centrally planned economies in which the government owns the means of production. That stuff is as old as civilization itself. The main innovation of Marxism is totalitarianism. It is complete government control of the individual down to their thoughts and facial expressions, in other words above and beyond what the most despotic king, the most vicious slave holder of old would have dreamed possible. But this kind of control is not possible when the people subjected to it believe in their own divine origin and thus their total and undisputed equality before God with the highest sovereign, the most exalted king. It is funny, but if you have, like I have, had any direct experience with American hi-tech, you know that the adulation that the employees of these forms feel and are required to feel towards the firm’s founders is utterly boundless. These people, the vast majority of them godless, would be aghast if you told them that they are no different than the guy who founded their company and rang the opening bell on NASDAQ when it went public. Americans who do not believe in God do not believe that Jeff Bezos is their equal; to them, he is a kind of Olympus dwelling deity, a Titan, a space alien who has come to Earth to help us poor earthlings get two-hour delivery of stuff we never knew we needed.

Totalitarianism requires the destruction of religion; specifically the destruction of Christianity. It requires people who are as interchangeable as machine parts; people who are what marketing theory calls commodity with zero added value. Marx’s attack on Christianity as “opium for the people” implied that religion makes humans more pliable, less resistant to manipulation by the elites. In true Marxist fashion, this statement was the diametric opposite of the truth; religion makes people much more resilient and difficult to intimidate and to control. This, of course, is something Marx knew well. Without the successful attack on the Divine origins of humanity via the theory of evolution, there would be no legal abortion, no legal euthanasia. When people believe in God, they are not afraid. When they are not afraid, they cannot be sold on ridiculous hoaxes like climate change whose sole purpose is mass intimidation into submission to government control. But there is an interesting twist to this story.

Natural selection in giraffes: the short ones can’t reach the food and die
Copyright: Unknownwikidata:Q4233718 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

At the basis of the theory of evolution lies the idea of the survival of the fittest. This is what is implied by the term Darwinism: ruthless competition, winner take all style. Marxists love Darwin and maybe he was on to something, though it’s hard to believe that the naked mole rat had to be quite so ugly to win the competition against all the other subterranean rodents. Stipulating that Darwinism is right, shouldn’t it apply to human cultures as much as rodents? Shouldn’t there be superiors cultures that win and inferior cultures that lose? Let’s see now, if only we had data that would allow us to empirically examine this question…. Bingo! We have six thousand years of recorded human history as well as the world we live in today! Hundreds, if not thousands of human cultures have competed in this arena we call Earth and we know which ones won and which ones lost. I’m going to break some news here: Judeo-Christian culture is the big, in fact the biggest, winner of the Darwinian culture games. No matter where you live on planet Earth today, you are a part of the Judeo-Christian culture and are right now at this very moment reaping its benefits. Even if you are running semi-naked in the Amazon jungle, your loins are encased in hand-me-down soccer shorts. Yup, Judeo-Christian. If you are an Inuit far above the Arctic Circle, you can thank the Judeo-Christian culture for your snowmobile and your high-precision rifle. And if you are a drum-beating valor-stealing Indian, you can thank the Judeo-Christian culture for keeping you alive to your ripe old age with antibiotics and modern hygiene.

A blue-heck-mark guy on Twitter opined yesterday that his grandmother, had she been alive, would have been reminded by the Covington incident of the white Catholic nuns who rapped her knuckles with a steel ruler whenever she spoke he native Tlingit language (native to Southeast Alaska and Western Canada). This is an old trope. In this story, we are all required to bow down to the axiomatic dogma (to double up on redundancy) that the nun was a monster and the native girl a saint. In Canada and in Australia, all non-native citizens whether their ancestors came there three hundred or three years ago, are commanded to feel personally responsible for the “atrocious” residential schools in which native children were converted from their own languages and cultures to the Western, Judeo-Christian one. But you see, if we could ask that nun, if we could talk to the authorities that spent major resources on these residential schools what they were thinking when they committed these alleged atrocities, their answers would likely surprise us. What they would have said would have surprised most people today. They would have told us that they had a deep and abiding pity for the native children in their care. They pitied them because they were born into a demonstrably INFERIOR culture. A culture that had no science, no assurance of salvation, no promise of life eternal. A culture that was mired in superstition and daily violence. A culture with no due process, no equality before the law, not only in practice, but even in principle. They would have thought that leaving these children in a state of ignorance, not introducing them to Christ, would have been committing a mortal sin, a sin for which they would have to answer to God. They did all they could to convert these native kids to Western civilization because they LOVED them.

A Tlingit chief photographed in Juneau, Alaska in 1913
Copyright: William Howard Case (1868 – 1920) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It doesn’t matter that it is politically incorrect today to call any culture “inferior”. It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t make the inferior cultures any less inferior. Winning cultures still win and losing cultures still lose. China is suppressing Christianity because the last thing its Marxist party needs is a bunch of citizens who believe in their own divinity, their own immortal souls, their own God-given rights. They are making a mistake. Marxist cultures with soulless slave populations always lose. Just like the USSR, they are inferior cultures. The shrieking hysterical American Marxists, so well represented by the Democratic Party, will also lose; they are another inferior culture. And if the native people’s around the world continue to cling to their old ways rather than finding a way to merge their traditions with the winning Judeo-Christian culture, they will continue losing until they go extinct. Maybe the nuns and the stern gentlemen that ran those much-maligned residential schools used the wrong methods; definitely, there were excesses and certainly it never hurts to ask for forgiveness. But at least those men and women had the courage to tell the natives the truth: we are in charge because our culture is superior to yours; join us or perish.

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