America Is Not Home For The American Jewry It Is Its Place Of Exile

Rising anti-Semitism clearly demonstrates that American Jews do not live outside of history and like every other exile in history the American exile will not last

Massacre of the Jews of Metz, Germany, First Crusade
Copyright: Auguste Migette, 1802-1884 [Public domain]

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, when it was still a part of the Soviet Union. I lived there for the first ten years of my life and not for a single day that I can remember have I ever felt Ukrainian, or Russian, or simply felt that I was at home or that Kiev was my hometown or that Ukraine was my homeland. When did my family come to Ukraine and from where? Since my grandparents spoke Yiddish, which is a mixture of medieval German and Hebrew, we can answer the “from where” question. They came from Judea via Germany. The when part is a little trickier, but we know that the large eastward migration of German Jewry began with the murderous crusades of the 12th and 13th centuries when crusader mobs, whipped into frenzy by the anti-Semitic rhetoric spewed from the pulpit of every European church were burning alive entire Jewish communities. We don’t know exactly when we came to Ukraine, but it was certainly well before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

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So here I was, speaking perfect Russian like everyone else, both my grandfathers having fought the Nazis and died in the ranks of the Red Army like everyone else and yet neither I nor any of my classmates or teachers believed even for a brief moment that I was HOME. So if my home wasn’t the place in which my family had lived for many centuries, where was it?

The anti-religion campaigns of the early Soviet era took their toll. Neither my mother nor my father have ever set foot inside a synagogue, not the least because there weren’t any. They could not read Hebrew and never read a line of the Bible or the payer book. And yet, when the iron curtain began ever so slightly fraying at the edges, when, in the aftermath of the Six Day War, news about Israel started penetrating the Soviet news broadcasts, we knew: our home was THERE. Our home was in Israel with other Jews, where EVERYONE was Jewish. Six years later we were home.

Jewish independence in the Land of Israel ceased to exist around the dawn of the first millennium and did not reemerge until the end of the second. During all of that time, Jews lived in exile of necessity. Today, about half still do, as a matter of choice. Throughout their exilic existence Jews knew two things above all: they were not home and the Gentiles didn’t like them. Both of these things were always true and are still every bit as true today.

Of course, there were certain exiles in which Jews were, for a while, very much accepted and became very prosperous. Babylon (later Baghdad), Moorish Spain, 19th century France, early 20th century Germany and parts of Eastern Europe, and, of course, today’s America. In every single one of these cases there were Jews who began to feel at home, who tricked themselves into thinking that they were accepted as equals by the Gentiles. In every single case what followed was a catastrophe; rising anti-Semitism, pogroms, Holocaust.

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American Jews are certain that America is different. They are wrong. In many of the cases previously cited, Jewish prosperity lasted for centuries. In America, it is really only a few decades old. Harvard had Jewish admission quotas into the 1950’s. No Jews allowed clubs existed well into the 1970’s. Jewish ascendance in America is only about half a century old and it is rapidly coming to an end. There is much that is fatally wrong with America today and much of it is blamed on Jews, perhaps with a kernel of truth.

Exilic Jews, when given the opportunity, tend to become exceedingly successful, outperforming their host populations by orders of magnitude by every conceivable metric. This was true in Moorish Spain and in the Weimar Republic, and in the USSR, and now in America. Jews always mean well, they want to do good, they want to fix everything that’s broken, they want to bring about justice. Ultimately, they want to “fix” human nature. And that is where they bump up against His will and the unchanging nature of humanity. For well over a century now, many exilic Jews have been embracing the Utopian by design, but dystopian by necessity teaching of the converted Jew Karl Marx. They were obviously not the only ones and not by any means the majority among the followers of that deluded personage. But they were among the leaders and for that they have paid a horrible price, a price they are about to pay again.

Copyright: Kitkatcrazy at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

The first step in any Holocaust is identification. Contrary to popular belief deriving from a quirk of the Hebrew language that uses the same word for “horn” as for “ray”, Jews do not have horns. Sometimes they are a bit difficult to pick out among the general population. The Nazis solved this problem with the yellow Star of David. In America, it is being solved by the ((())) sign. This sign is rapidly gaining popularity and going mainstream. Some Jews, in a misguided effort of laughing it off or trying to turn it against their haters, use it to self-identify. A good example, one among many, is Jerry Nadler, a senior New York congressman and the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. His Twitter name is (((Rep. Nadler)))Verified account. Rep. Nadler wants everyone to know that he is Jewish and proud of it. He volunteers to wear the yellow star, preempting those who, if they had their wish, would force him to do so.

Voluntary or compulsory, what does it matter? The end result is the same. The American public is becoming rapidly and progressively more aware of who among its leaders in politics, in the media, in law, and in big tech is Jewish. This awareness is not a good thing. It has always, with no exceptions, led to catastrophic outcomes for Jews and the world. American Jews are being squeezed from both ends of the political spectrum just at the time when they have finished shedding the protective instincts that sustained their ancestors in exile for nearly two millennia and when they are being rapidly caught in the right-left vise of a uniquely American brand of anti-Semitism.

In the darker recesses of the American nationalist right there is an acute and growing awareness of the leading role that American Jews have played and are continuing to play in throwing America’s borders open to third world migration, in promoting homosexuality and abortion, in attempting to make America into a socialist country. This awareness will not stay in the shadows for much longer. The more mainstreaming there is of the radical ideas of the American left, the more mainstreaming there will be for the idea that it is the Jews who are to blame for it.

On the other end of the vise there is the growing number of Muslim immigrants to America, especially from extreme fundamentalist Muslim countries like Somalia. These immigrants import with them an innate Jew hatred that is a toxic cocktail made from equal measures ancient hatred and newly found envy of Jewish success, be it in Israel or in America.

The nationalist Christian right and radical Muslim left may be united in their hatred of American Jews, but they are quite divided when it comes to Israel. American nationalists see in Israel a role model, an ideal, an unabashed nation-state, a modern state that nonetheless makes laws that apply to its core population, but not to others, a state that guards and cherishes its ethnic identity above all else.

The radical Muslims hate the Yahood (Arabic: Jews) no matter where they happen to be. To the likes of Reps. Omar and Tlaib, Yahood are the source of all evil in the world and they need to be physically eliminated. Their bigotry is of the Biblical kind, it is the us or them ethnic bigotry or the Tutsis and the Hutus. My colleagues in the American conservative media get outraged that Rep. Ilhan Omar retweets some guy who is a known terrorist sympathizer. Alas, more than anything else that shows their utter naivete. The Jewish Breitbart author Joel Pollack is upset that Omar retweeted Yousef Munayyer — a reported supporter of a Palestinian terror group. He should be more upset that a US congresswoman would, undoubtedly, slit his throat with her own hands just for the sin of being Jewish if she only had the chance. And she yet might.

Jews have survived in exile by following three simple rules:

  1. Never feel at home
  2. Know that every Gentile hates you unless they prove otherwise
  3. Keep your suitcases packed and your money liquid

When the great-grandparents of today’s American Jews came to Ellis Island, they adhered to these rules just like they had done in Europe. Sure, America was the “Goldene Medine” (Yiddish: Golden Country), but that didn’t mean they could put their guard down. Alas, they didn’t pass this lesson along to the next generations. The last time exilic Jews were as assimilated, as financially successful, as prominent in society as the American Jews are today was in the Weimar Republic. They too, Albert Einstein among them, forgot the three golden rules of diaspora existence. Unlike Einstein, most of them were not prominent enough to be granted American visas before it was too late.

We can all hope that America is somehow different, that it exists outside of history, that it is populated by better human beings, that its constitution, alone in history among such documents, is a guarantor against atrocities. We can hope, but this isn’t hope. It is simply a delusion.

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Sunny March 27, 2019 at 11:09 am

Sorry but Jews who are mostly democrat push and advocate the termination of life via abortion. All abortion clinics are in poor black or brown neighborhoods which are predominantly Christian. Are there are any PPH’s in Jewish neighborhoods? Why do most companies have Jews as their CEO’s? Why does Hollywood, mostly Jewish attack Jesus Christ making movies of people throwing up in church, it’s disgusting. Who has been sitting at the head of the Federal Reserve? Who runs the “Southern Poverty Law Center”? Jews do and they do nothing but attack and call everyone racist.

There are plenty of videos on u-tube that show what Israeli Jews think of Jesus Christ, they call him the most horrible vile names. Please don’t act as if Jews are pure as the driven snow because all are not. Sure there are some amazing Jewish folks out there but not all of them are, there are plenty of greedy, corrupt opportunist out there who abuse their “chosen one” title to the highest level. Any criticism of someone who happens to be Jewish, we are beaten down with chants of anti-semitism which has been abused far too long. You want to dish out critiicism then be prepared to have your share of criticism as well. ALL OF US will be judged when the time comes, no one gets a free get out of jail card.


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